Tennessee Titans: College basketball player gets trial training at tight end


The Tennessee Titans will give a chance to a player who has spent the last four years putting down shots.

Hasahn French, a 6 foot 7, 240 pound forward who played college basketball at St. Louis University, will be attending the mandatory mini camp this week on a trial basis.

French will have a close end with the Titans and is the second player to be signed this month with no recent football experience. Adam Coon, an All-American wrestler in Michigan, signed last week as a tackle after a failed application for the US Olympic team.

The NFL has seen some notable players make the successful transition from college basketball to professional football, particularly in the tight end.

Above all, Antonio Gates was an eight-time pro bowler and three-time all-pro in 16 seasons with the Chargers. Others who played in college basketball and then successfully switched to soccer include Darren Fells and Mo Allie Cox.

Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez was a two-sports star (soccer and basketball) at Cal. Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas each played a year of college football before moving to the NFL and enjoying long careers as tight ends.

In 1999, the Titans signed Larry Brown, who was a two-sport star in Georgia. He averaged 13.5 yards on 80 career receptions in football and 4.5 points and 3.1 rebounds as a reserve on the basketball team.

Brown played seven games plus four in the playoffs that season, mostly on special teams, and got no pass. He was also inactive for five games, dressed but not played for two, and on the training squad for two weeks.

Tennessee cut him off the next season, and he no longer played in the NFL.


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