Aim Lab is the player development platform for Rainbow Six Siege Esports


Games publisher Ubisoft has named FPS performance platform Target laboratory as the official player development platform for Rainbow Six Siege Esports.

As part of the multi-year partnership, Aim Lab offers Rainbow Six Siege players access to its scientific training platform. Additionally, players can use their machine learning technology to provide analytics and insights into player performance.

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In return, the performance platform will act as a global partner for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro Circuit.

Che Chou, Senior Director, Esports at UbisoftSpeaking of the partnership in a press release, he said, “We see Aim Lab as a great opportunity to bring innovation to esports, with an interactive training platform to both improve player skills and provide a snapshot of the league’s storytelling .

“Whether you’re a Rainbow Six Siege pro or just want to become one, Aim Lab will give us a foundation on how we celebrate player skill.”

During the second year of the partnership, Aim Lab’s player stats will be integrated with Rainbow Six’s live broadcasts in order to “maximize your training and achieve the highest level of competitive play.”

According to the publication, the collaboration aims to “change the future of competitive gaming” by combining the Rainbow Six Siege Pro Circuit with the FPS skill training and player development platform.

In addition, both parties plan to continue exploring new player training and development opportunities for the Rainbow Six Siege competitive ecosystem.

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Wayne Mackey, founder of Aim Lab, commented: “Aim Lab is excited to help the amazing R6 player base achieve even greater skill levels by using our analytics systems and training tools to identify and develop new talent and improve existing professional players. We are confident that our partnership will ensure that R6 players continue to be recognized as some of the best FPS players for years to come. ”

At the beginning of the partnership, Aim Lab is launching dasim Combine target laboratory Challenge tailored for Rainbow Six Siege players. The event runs from June 16-30 and includes six tasks designed to assess a player’s skills in different scenarios.

Additionally, Aim Lab will have its own exclusive weapon skin in Rainbow Six Siege called Aim Lab 24 CARATS that can be won as a prize for playing the Aim Lab Combine.

Esports Insider Says: Aim Lab invests in developing and nurturing FPS talent, making it a valuable asset to the sector. Thanks to his partnerships with publishers, Aim Lad is slowly building a training option for esports athletes across multiple FPS titles.

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