This subreddit is chasing old video games that you can barely remember


If you’ve ever had trouble remembering the name of an old game, there is a subreddit for that.

For years I struggled to remember the name of an edutainment game I played as a kid.

All I could remember was that it came with a PC encyclopedia floppy disk and appeared to have a fantasy aesthetic that combined elements of trivia and board games.

I knew you could choose from several characters (I was always the prophetess) and you had to collect gems, similar to the colored wedges Trivial pursuit.

The only line I could remember was “Prophetess, roll the dice!”

I had just stumbled upon another person who vaguely remembered the game – but neither of us could remember the name.

After racking my brain for years (and figuring out it wasn’t Encartas Thought labyrinth) I noticed that a particular subreddit might help.

r / tipofmyjoystick is designed to help people find games they can’t remember exactly. All you have to do is post your information or a screenshot and the community members will band together to help.

It’s incredibly healthy and downright fascinating.

While they may contain very little information, there is a recommended guide for getting the best results. This includes specifying (if possible) the platform, genre, expected time of release, graphic style, and any notable characters or game mechanics.

Not only did the Tipofmyjoystick help people find long-lost games, but it also managed to expose at least one.

One of the pinned posts in the subreddit is titled The Evil Farming Game Has Been Found. Who am I to withstand such a title?

The Evil Farming Game was found by tipofmyjoystick


In my case, the response to my query was posted in less than a day. While one person asked if it really was Thought labyrinth, another came to my rescue.

As it turned out, the game we were looking for was called FireFang: The Search for Knowledge, and it was part of a PC version of Webster’s Encyclopedia.

It turned out that there were six characters in FireFang: Swordsman, Dwarf, Warrior Queen, Viking, Amazon and the Prophetess

I wasn’t the first to look for it either. It had been asked for in other posts on the subreddit. Some legends even published it in the internet archive.

If I have the trouble reinstalling Windows 95, I might try again. Even if I don’t, it’s nice that this low stakes puzzle is solved.

So if you want to remember a game or help others find it, go there!


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