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HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Vincent Fortin (aka @pamstou), a 15-year-old Canadian boy, wins the famous Fortnite All-Stars tournament on June 26, 2021 and takes the grand prize of 75,000 USD. Organized annually by Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, the tournament attracts thousands of participants every year as well as many well-known professional teams in the field of eSports.

“I am incredibly happy to have won this tournament, especially as several big names took part! Nobody expected me to win because I have never won a major tournament before. It shows that with hard work and dedication anyone can make it win a big tournament and I’m looking forward to winning even more in the future, “said Mr. Fortin.

To win the Fortnite tournament, Vincent had to defeat some of the biggest names in the Fortnite game including famous players like Bhuga, Faze Centered, Faze Dubs, NRG clix and many others. These players are part of the largest teams in esports, with hundreds of millions of dollars in budgets devoted to player development and training.

Following his win, Vincent received offers from multiple eSports teams in the US, Canada and Europe and decided to sign with Team 33, based in Hollywood, CA, which is currently the eighth best Fortnite team in NA according to the famous website Fandom.

“We are very honored and overwhelmed by the opportunity to sign Vincent to Team 33. We followed him closely during the Fortnite All Stars tournament and were very impressed with his performance, “says Tyler Gallagher, CEO of Team 33.” We look forward to working closely with Vincent and are confident that we will continue with our current Team, including Vincent, will be one of the top 3 Fortnite teams in NA this year, ”continues Mr. Gallagher.

After speaking with the management of Team 33, they announced that they will officially close their Fortnite roster for the year so they can focus on developing and training all of their pro players.

“Vincent’s signing to Team 33 means that he will take part in the upcoming Fortnite tournaments under the banner of Team 33, where he will represent his team on social networks and share exciting new content with his fans every week. He will be added to the exclusive list of Join players from Team 33. ” and will train with them as he prepares for the upcoming Fortnite tournaments, “said Joseph Rini, COO of Team 33.

To see Vincent Fortin’s stats and his Fortnite win please visit: https://fortnite-esports.fandom.com/wiki/PaMstou

About team 33
Team 33 is an elite, invite-only esports team based in Hollywood, California. Team 33 plans to launch charity events on Twitch, supported by high profile celebrities and gamers, hosted at the world famous House 33, the official playhouse for Team 33. Find out more and fill out an application to take part in upcoming tournaments at www.Team33.gg

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