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We usually hold you over a number of game offerings for consoles and PCs, but we know some of you prefer your game to be a little more analog. With that in mind, we’ve done some research and found some crisp board game deals available on Night Rides – some for some of our favorite titles.

If you’re looking for new ways to entertain yourself while spending a little extra time indoors, or if you’re making plans for a damn board game night once the restrictions wear off, these titles all deserve a spot on your shelf.

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The settlers of Catan is one of those board games everyone should own a copy of, so you might as well snag it while it’s on sale for 39% off.

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span is one of the best new board games in recent years. It is a card-based game in which each player has to attract more and more birds to their nature reserves. It’s incredibly easy to learn and runs pretty quickly, but there is enough strategy to keep playing it.

You can fly away with span for $ 80.20 and save just under $ 30 here.

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If you like tabletop RPGs like Dungeons or the official Star Wars RPG, Imperial attack is a good dungeon crawler lite.

In it, you play a group of soldiers from the Rebel Alliance who are tasked with various missions to attack the empire. Your past successes and failures in missions will affect future ones, giving you just enough space to play with your character. A game usually lasts around an hour or two, so it’s pretty easy to hop on and off.

Star Wars Imperial Assault is currently on sale for $ 128.69, down from $ 175.

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Got $ 175 to spend, some board game-obsessed friends and? at least a whole day kill? Then it’s time for you to play Twilight Empire, the largest of the great board games.

Likewise? You can currently save $ 75 off the $ 250 MSRP.

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One of the tastiest deals is for the revamped edition of Gloomhaven go for $ 164.74. When you consider that this absolute giant of a game typically sells for around $ 250 at Australian retailers, saving around $ 85 is a big deal.

Gloomhaven is a campaign-driven dungeon crawler and one of the largest board game releases of the past decade. In it, you play as a mercenary who makes your way through almost 100 unique scenarios, with your tactical decisions influencing which of these scenarios you end up in next. It’s fun, but it’s incredibly long.

To grab Gloomhaven Here.

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If long distance, big box games aren’t really your vibe, you can get it Azul for $ 49 from $ 69.95. Azul is a pretty simple game – you draw different tiles to build a mosaic wall and get points for completing rows.

Despite this simplicity, it’s always a fun time.

Check out Azul Here.

Treason in the house on the hill has established itself as the classic board game classic of all time, and if you already like it, maybe you will enjoy it Treason legacy. The premise is the same – there’s a haunted house full of unexpected monsters and items to explore and an evil to defeat – but it has been reconfigured as a multi-session campaign.

Treason legacy is designed for 13 sessions of one hour each, so make sure you set the time aside (or at least players who don’t buck after the first three sessions).

You can currently have it on sale for $ 87.95 down from $ 110.

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Dominion is another one of those classic all-time games and something everyone should play at least once. It’s currently on sale for $ 62.22, which is about $ 18 off the price of $ 80.

The goal of the game is to assemble a deck full of valuable cards to build your kingdom and destroy your opponents. If you really enjoy it Domination There are also a ton of expansion kits available.

You can buy Domination Here.

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If you’ve always been to the world of Warhammer 40kbut could never find a good starting point relic could be the path you’ve been looking for.

Based on the talisman system, you play as a 40k hero and complete various missions with the aim of stopping an evil that invades from a warp rift.

You can currently pick up relic for $ 165.74. Considering that copies of this game can cost up to $ 239.99, that’s a pretty good deal.

The price for this game is a bit higher as it is the premium edition, so it includes painted versions of the character busts that are usually unpainted. The standard edition costs anywhere from $ 100 to $ 120, and if you’re not a mini painter, these premium busts are probably worth your while.

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A fun dungeon crawler in which you play as a hero who has been turned into a rat. To return to your human form, you have to go through a now huge castle and defeat the evil Vanestra.

Mice and mystics is a good board game for children and is a bit reminiscent of a Dungeons adventure. You can currently pick it up for $ 99, saving $ 20.95.

to buy Mice and mystics Here.

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It is a time of civil war. in the Star Wars: Rebellion, You can either play as the rowdy rebels and make strategic attacks to build your army and overthrow the empire. Or you can play as an empire and try to find and destroy the rebels’ hidden base.

At first glance, this may seem uneven in terms of the distribution of power, but that balance was one of the main highlights in Kotaku’s review of Star Wars: Rebellion:

It means that every Rebellion game really feels like the fight at the heart of the movie; the defeated rebels are constantly harassed and have to rely on the brave deeds of a few chosen heroes, while the Empire – although ridiculously powerful in the traditional sense – has to fire at needles in a haystack.

You can grab Star Wars: Rebellion for $ 139.22, down from $ 179.95.

Lord of the Rings Travels in Middle-earth Board Games
Image: Lord of the Rings: Travels in Middle-earth

Another fun RPG campaign board game with the added bonus of being based on JRR Tolkien’s classic fantasy series. in the Travels in Middle-earth, you play as one of Lord of the rings iconic heroes on your journey through Middle-earth.

Travels in Middle-earth uses a companion app that acts as a game master, tracking your character’s progress, while offering you new scenarios and quests to complete.

You can currently pick it up for $ 135.74, saving you a nice $ 45 off the usual $ 180 price.

Sense board game
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I don’t recommend it Scythe enough. It is an engine building game that is about building your resources and conquering nearby areas. The special thing about this game is that it takes place in a fancy diesel punk reinterpretation of Europe in the 1920s, where bulky war mechs roam the landscape.

If you can’t party together Scythe also has a single player setting. If anything, your time for the absolutely fantastic art of playing by Jakub Rozalski is worth it.

You can currently pick up Scythe for $ 99 instead of $ 130.

If you already own these titles or you don’t really like them, we have a few more board game suggestions for you to check out.


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