Who is Geisterkoala? Meet the number one player in NA Valorant Radiant


There is no doubt that within a year of its release, Valorant has earned the title of one of the best esports titles out there. The game has been going exceptionally well since then.

Among FPS shooters like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and Battlefield, Valorant has managed to be unique, although its weapon mechanics are pretty similar to CS: GO.

With Valorant’s unique addition of agents and their skills, the game could be easier from a mechanical point of view. Still, these features certainly require a lot of planning.

Valorant has many ranks that a player can reach, and each of them gives an idea of ​​their abilities. The top tier, Radiant, isn’t just a level for gamers, however. It can only be earned by the top 500 players in each region.

Valorant’s No. 1 in North America

Gianfranco “Koala” Potestio is a Canadian player of Italian descent. The name Koala may be cute, but the pro gamer at Ghost Gaming knows how to fight.

The professional player showed his current position in the North American Radiant ranking in a tweet. On the screenshot, readers can see that he has reached number one among the radiants.

What is impressive about the professional player from Ghost Gaming is that he managed to achieve the top spot and set a new record in the North American region.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the player outperformed everyone in the world, and not just North American players. However, not everyone agrees with this fact.

Even if the professional has managed to reach great heights, people on the internet never miss a chance to have fun.

It can’t be confirmed whether the player is number one worldwide at Radiant, but there’s no denying that it’s impressive to see a new record from the Canadian professional player.

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