Tokyo Olympics Updates: Boomers make it to the semifinals against Team USA after Kookaburras hit a hockey gold medal game – as happened


BASKETBALL: The Boomers are in the semifinals against Team USA


The Boomers’ defense kept them in the game during an offensive start and they maintained their dominance in the third before breaking the game with that 19-0 run to start the fourth quarter and a 37-11 lead in the final window. It ended in a 97:59 win which, to be honest, pretty much reflected the game, especially the second half.

I would have liked a little more Argentine fighting in the quarter-finals because that is such a sad path to end his Olympic career for 2004 gold medalist Luis Scola. He got standing ovations from everyone in the audience, from both teams and even from the officials, which was nice to see.

A brutally tough semi-final match-up is looming with the USA, but we always knew that America would lead the way to Olympic glory. And if Australia ever had a chance to beat them in a major tournament, it is now.

Every boomer who played tonight got on the scoreboard and that should give them confidence to go to the final of the four.

Australia barely celebrated that victory, partly out of respect for Scola and partly because the job isn’t done. Getting to the semi-finals was what they expected.

Patty Mills had a few words after the game, many of them scolded, but it basically boiled down to “This is where we want to be, this is where we should be, now let’s do it”.


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