Flying squirrels closer RJ Dabovich climbs the ladder in the first professional season | Professional sport


That triggered the promotion in June. It was at this time that Eugene was preparing to use an “opener” in an upcoming game and kick off one of his long rescuers. Emeralds manager Dennis Pelfrey called Dabovich into his office one day.

“And I thought, ‘Oh, cute. i could get [the start]. ‘ … Went to the office and he said, ‘Sorry man, unfortunately we can’t start you on Tuesday, but you’re going to double-A so maybe you can do it up there. ‘It was really cool,’ said Dabovich.

There have been ups and downs at Richmond, said Dabovich. In his first eight games, he had an 8.22 ERA – seven earned runs in 7ª innings. But he’s put together a 1.29 ERA in his last seven appearances – a well-deserved run in seven innings with eight strikeouts. He has a total of six parades in Richmond.

Dabovich was on the seven-day injury list on Wednesday, mostly as a precautionary measure because of back tension. But Alguacil is happy with what he saw.

“He’s got closer stuff,” said Alguacil. “He’s been in situations where the game was close, the game was at stake, and he was able to get his job done. And that’s what you want from these guys to be comfortable in this kind of role. “

In Richmond, Dabovich appreciated the time he spent reading the brains of his colleagues Frank Rubio and Patrick Ruotolo, gathering valuable tips on maintaining his body and managing a helper’s workload.


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