The baroness’s tower and the gunboard


Four items are required in the game to complete the third city quest line. One of them sees Even against the baroness, who is the king’s daughter, who fights against her brothers for control of the city. Unlike her brothers, the Baroness needs a match in order for the player to acquire her item: Neeshka’s missing arm. You have to fight your way through to the baroness and talk to her. She will allow you to challenge her shortly thereafter. The following fight is unlike any other in Lost by chancehowever, since you will have to use a cannon to repel the enemy.

Unlike other board games in Lost by chance, You don’t have to move the character to the end of a course to win. The board itself has a triangular formation and requires Even to move her piece so that she can fire a cannon at the baroness’s tower. But it’s not that easy. There are two types of places the piece can land on. One builds a wall that protects Even from the tower’s attacks, while the other brings out the cannon. Supposedly you are supposed to fight all the enemies that keep pouring into the arena. However, you don’t have to.

The best way to quickly clear this section is to focus on rolling the dice. Simply put, you don’t have to fight the enemies now. Just use your slingshot on their crystals to collect energy. As soon as you have enough energy for a single card, you can roll the dice. Once you roll a number that will give you access to the cannon, just dodge the enemies, get to the cannon and shoot the tower. The tricky part is that if you repeatedly roll the same number, you can get caught in a loop.

How to quickly destroy the baroness’s tower with the cannon in Lost by chance

Put simply, if you roll a two and put the walls up, you land right back on the walls if you roll another two. There’s no point waiting until you have a full hand to roll your dice. So just focus on gathering energy while dodging enemies. If the cannon is available, keep dodging and head straight for it. This entire section can be completed in a matter of minutes, as long as you stay focused. Granted there will be plenty of enemies in the area, but Even’s dodging is more than enough to keep her safe from danger.

Once you have shot the tower enough times, you have your victory. The baroness will admit defeat and Even will be able to get Neeshka’s arm right away. Granted, she still has to complete quests for the Count and Duke to get two more items, as well as the murder weapon from Colossus Head on the Hill. Once all four of these items have been given to Neeshka, you will leave the third city. So make sure you complete all of the side quests before doing this. Remember not to finish all side quests Three son. I thought this was some fun little joke they made up. Got it? Because it sounds like treason? Okay good.

Lost In Random Baroness Cannon 3

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