Guildford Chess Club is hosting 125 board extravaganza to celebrate 125 years of existence


The Guildford Chess Club held a 125-board extravaganza on the town’s main street this past weekend to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

The club had nine masters who simultaneously played 15 games with numerous boards set up on the sides of the main street.

Nigel White was one of the organizers, explaining that there were 375 bookings plus a number of walk-ups.

He added: “It was very successful. We had more than 200 children who got a game of chess.

“Our junior section meets on a Monday evening and before that we had 15 performances, but after the anniversary event we had 40 participants!

“That day there were also 70 inquiries about our club. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, especially thanks to the stewards that put people in the right places.

“The master will arrive at the board and make his move immediately, he can’t spend a lot of time getting bogged down in his mind, or the game won’t end in time.

“One or two opponents managed to last a full two hours! But most of the kids were done in 30 minutes.”

Nigel Povah is the club’s captain and said the club has fewer membership than they’d hope for at just 40 now.

But he insists that interest has increased since the Queen’s Gambit was broadcast on Netflix.

The club has met at the Guildford Institute throughout its existence.


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