Binance Smart Chain Funds Decentralized Games Through Its $ 100 Million Accelerator Program – European Gaming Industry News

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With the newly won support, Decentral Games will introduce new innovations to expand the rapidly evolving blockchain metaverse, play-to-earn gaming vertical, and NFT markets to BSC.

Decentral Games (DG), a leading Metaverse-native GameFi DAO, has secured significant support and funding from Binance Smart Chain’s $ 100 million Accelerator Fund.

Decentral Games, the leading play-to-earn platform and the disruptor of traditional gaming, will use the financial resources to innovate the rapidly evolving blockchain metaverse, vertical GameFi and NFT markets on Binance Smart Chain (BSC.) To expand).

The Binance Smart Chain funding will also allow Decentral Games to accelerate the development of new games and features for its existing six Metaverse venues, with new venues and games planned in the coming weeks.

Equally important, this funding partnership makes Decentral Games accessible to the millions of Binance Smart Chain users worldwide and their 800+ dApps, and strengthens the long-term resilience of Decentral Games’ play-to-earn economy. And with the ICE Poker product, the latest and most highly anticipated play-to-earn product from Decentral Games designed to encourage simultaneous and daily gamblers, the scalability benefits of Binance Smart Chain will ensure that users continue enjoy the experience they expect as GameFi grows in popularity.

“As Decentral Games paves the way for GameFi projects to combine crypto with entertainment, play-to-earn incentive models have greater scope for better mass adoption,” said Samy Karim, BSC Ecosystem Coordinator. Mr Karim uttered these words when he announced BSC’s decision to fund DG. “In line with the investment, we will support DG and help it thrive in the BSC ecosystem.”

“The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem supports a number of NFT, Infra, and GameFi projects that have accelerated the growth of crypto with a variety of real-world use cases,” said Karim. “We’re always looking to collaborate on projects that will help new users get started with DeFi easily.”

Miles Anthony, Founder of Decentral Games, said, “The DG team is proud of Binance Smart Chain’s support and confidence in our bold vision for the future of entertainment and free play, EV positive gaming in the Metaverse.”

The strategic investment in Decentral Games follows a number of other investments and partnerships that further show how strong the Metaverse gaming project is and how much global interest it has attracted worldwide.

Industry giants such as Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Decentraland, Arca Funds, Hashkey and Collab + Currency as well as the newly added BSC Accelerator Funds have entered into a strategic partnership with Decentral Games.
BSC’s cross-chain ecosystem supports seamless onboarding of projects spanning Ethereum and has made it the fastest growing DeFi chain by volume in recent months.

Experts estimate that the traditional gaming sector will have a CAGR of 9.64% from 2021 to 2026. At the intersection of cryptocurrency and virtual gaming, a similar, sustained growth trend is partially underpinned by innovations in the emerging play-to-earn movement.

Because the BSC ecosystem has continued critical user growth, it avoids the risks associated with scalability bottlenecks, including high transaction fees. BSC users currently benefit from gas fees that are 20 times lower compared to other leading blockchain projects. At the same time, the transaction volume on Binance Smart Chain has increased sixfold compared to Ethereum.

Decentral Games was founded in 2019 and has quickly developed into a leading Metaverse project. His leadership in the Metaverse gaming space helped the popular GameFi model to earn.
The model rewards players for their continued participation in the platform. This unique innovation has enabled Decentral Games to build a loyal following of dedicated gamers who have all invested in promoting the brand together. And true to its mission statement, Play-to-Earn has created a direct path that enables Decentral Games investors to “be the house”.

As new users join in and begin to participate in the financial incentive structure provided by the platform, the growth of Decentral Games’ user base effectively increases the overall value of the project economy.
This year, Decentral Games has seen a huge surge in demand for their immersive Metaverse environments, which enable them to expand their product offerings and market segments. Decentral Games’ foray into nightlife with the debut of a virtual nightclub and the NFT space with the addition of a dedicated platform for digital assets have both greatly expanded the value proposition of the overall DG experience.


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