Mega Database: a year with weekly updates


Any user who’s bought a mega database in the past few years most likely knows that there is an update subscription that comes with the purchase, but a surprisingly small number actually know how to use it, let alone how to she extended.

What is the update service?

A strange conversation with a GM recently saw a strange twist. The topic was training with ChessBase, and when asked if his database was up to date, he replied that he was regularly downloading games from other sites. When asked why he didn’t use the built-in ChessBase update service that came with his copy, he admitted that he didn’t really know much about it.

To be clear: When it comes to high quality games that cover every tournament, whether live, online or via correspondence, the update service leaves nothing to be desired from any source or combination of sources. It’s a professionally run service that brings all games together, but on top of that, it also normalizes all player names, event names, dates, crosstabs and more.

In contrast to tediously checking, downloading, adding and possibly performing a deduplication check external sources, this only requires a few clicks within ChessBase, be it ChessBase 10 or ChessBase 16.

How to use it

Needless to say, you will need two essential parts: a copy of the ChessBase program and a copy of the Mega Database 2021. You could use an older copy of Mega such as Mega 2020, but would then have to purchase an update renewal. More on this below.

If you purchased Mega Database but did not use the service, you will need to activate it first. First go to the shop page (or check your DVD box) and get the serial number it came with. This series is not about installing Mega, which does not require such a procedure, but about updating the database.

Then we use in ChessBase v16 for reference in this article, click on Update Games at the bottom left.

This creates a strange blurring effect when the new update window opens (for some reason I always think of a sci-fi movie that changes dimensions or something similar) and then you get a big window that shows the year shows subscriptions you have, the weekly parts you’ve downloaded or not, and a description of what each week includes. Suffice it to say that it exceeds 5000 games on average.

First, make sure that you are logged in.

Then click on Activate subscription to open the window for entering the serial number of your subscription.

Top – If you copy the serial number to the clipboard before opening this area, the serial number will be entered automatically when you open it.

It will know which year it corresponds so you don’t have to tell which year it is for. Once you’re done you should now see the year you wanted to update, now activated.

So now you have all those weekly parts that say “Not Loaded”, right? Should you check them all and click Download Selected Entries?

You could, but it’s even easier just to hit the “Download Games” button in the top left and we’ll take care of the rest! Once you are done, you can close this and enjoy your fully updated database.

Click here to buy Mega Database 2021 in the ChessBase Shop

Renewal of the subscription

Let’s say you had Mega 2020 and you don’t want to buy a new Mega 2021, no matter how attractive it is. You have two options.

The first is to simply buy the Mega 2020 to Mega 2021 upgrade. This costs 69 euros and brings all new games, including commented games from ChessBase magazine, new Playerbase entries and an updated subscription to the update service.

Click here to buy the update for the Mega Database 2021 in the ChessBase Shop

In all fairness this is the best choice, but if you really aren’t interested and just want the update service, you can instead extend the update service and pay only 59 euros. This is the standalone plan, so paying the extra $ 10 for the rest of the updates just seems like a better deal.

Click here to extend the subscription for the update service in the ChessBase Shop

Regardless, from here on out, all you have to do is click on Download Games like above and grab a coffee or tea while it does the rest.

Happy chess and good comrades!


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