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LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – With the public’s growing interest in cannabis, it was only a matter of time before historic firsts were made. In this case; LegalLEAF, the world’s only cannabis activism cryptocurrency, has entered into a unique partnership with the renowned LA cannabis event Buds and Bosses. Buds & Bosses is committed to positive and peaceful cannabis education and networking by providing patients with a platform to be heard and by reaching the right people and quality brands.

Maria Perdew; Describing their role in the cannabis community, Buds & Bosses co-founder, cannabis formulator and patient advocate said, “We are here to make a positive, peaceful statement. We’re here to empower patients with a platform to be heard and connect them with those who have the resources to make that positive difference in their lives. “LegalLEAF values ​​these ideals and hopes this partnership is the beginning of something big to hit the cannabis / cryptocurrency communities.

In line with cannabis-related historical firsts; the industrial billionaire Charles Koch announced its pro-cannabis stance in a recent interview with Forbes. In addition to the cooking offer $ 25 million In addition to donations to support cannabis legalization, a new pro-cannabis coalition called the Cannabis Freedom Alliance (CFA) was recently created, supported by groups such as Americans for Prosperity, the Weldon Project, the Reason Foundation, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership and . the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce is supported. This news comes over after 2 years of pro-cannabis lobbying, overall $ 70 million, says Brian Hooks, Koch’s right hand.

Even the multi-billion dollar company Amazon is lobbying for pro-cannabis legislation. Last announced Tuesday, 09/21, Amazon stated that it would end marijuana screening for its employees who are not in positions regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Amazon has stated that cannabis laws disproportionately affect minorities and that their applicant pool will be much larger in light of these changes. Also, records verified by Insider in July reportedly show that Amazon had spent money $ 5 million Lobbying in the second quarter.

Finally, to live up to their commitment to supporting charitable organizations, LegalLEAF launched an NFT artist program. This should generate income for donations and at the same time support the various partner artists not only through visibility, but also through royalties. Her first run is the LEAF 3D Stoners Collection; with many more designs and artists in the future. Income from subsequent NFT sales will be the source of LegalLEAF’s charitable income – while the first run will support the development of an NFT Stoner game in progress.

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