AUS appoints indigenous former soccer players to chair the diversity role


The timing seemed right to Phil Currie, executive director of Atlantic University Sports.

On Canada’s first National Truth and Reconciliation Day, AUS has named Brady Paul, an indigenous former student athlete, as the new chairman of its Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

“I think Brady is the perfect person to take on this role,” said Currie. “He is a very dynamic young man and we are very happy to have him on board.”

Paul grew up in St. Mary’s First Nation near Fredericton and later played soccer at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS, and Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

Pave the way

“I lived in St. Mary’s First Nation all my life and then at the age of 18 I packed a bag and went to a new ward in a different province. I really missed that connection with my home,” said Paul, 28 .

“It was a big change and a big adjustment phase.”

Originally from St. Mary’s First Nation in New Brunswick, Paul played 4 seasons of AUS football. (Don Martin)

Paul played college football from 2011 to 2015. Today he works as the Coordinator for Indigenous Communities and Cultural Connections for Nova Scotia Community College and is working on a Masters degree in Atlantic Canadian Studies from Saint Mary’s University.

In his new role at AUS, he hopes to ease the transition for underrepresented and indigenous student athletes when they leave home and begin their careers in college sports.

“By the time I went to college there were no connections or support and it was very difficult to talk about personal matters, especially when you’re an indigenous athlete like me,” Paul said.

“I never wanted to be stereotyped or stigmatized.”


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