The most victorious player in Hearthstone history, Thijs, is just steps away from the grandmasters

▲ Thijs Molendijk at a Hearthstone event. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

No professional Hearthstone player in the history of the game has won more prize money than Thijs Molendijk.

The native Dutchman with over $ 500,000 in career earnings announced on Saturday morning that he would no longer compete in the professional circle of the game as the Hearthstone Grandmasters, according to

After fighting the grandmaster last season, Thijs was relegated after Europe’s elite fought each other for weeks. The popular competitor, content creator, and staple of the scene for nearly eight years, ranking 12th out of 16 people, announced that it would not qualify again.

In one TwitLonger announced on his Twitter account that this decision was one that Thijs felt comfortable with and had considered:

“The decision to go [Grandmasters] I had in mind last season when I wrote a similar (sp) message on paper. I wanted to try again this season and see if it was a temporal (sp) feeling that might just go away. But I noticed the feeling got even stronger and decided it was better for me not to stay in GM. “

Perhaps the most noticeable win of his career came back in 2018 when he defeated XiaoT in the China vs. Europe Championship in one of the most exciting competitive Hearthstone series in history.

After falling 2-0 down in a best-of-five series, Thijs won the decisive game with one health point remaining. First place went to an Aston Martin DB11 worth over 175,000 euros. Instead, Thijs accepted the “life changing” cash prize.

▲ Thijs after winning an Aston Martin DB11.

In Thij’s announcement, however, he said his competitive Hearthstone days are not over. With numerous Blizzard sponsored tournaments going on each year, he still took part from time to time. But as far as the professional circle is concerned, he can do without it.

“I will never forget what 8 years of competition at the highest level did to me and my life. Thanks to you I found something in my life that I am so passionate about, I love doing so much and I was amazing (sp) supported by you every day as I write this with tears. I will be forever grateful to you for this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. “

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