Revealed: candidate for mayor Ferrante is supported by left progressive group


I have lived in Peachtree City for 22 years and I am very concerned about one of the candidates running for mayor, Nick Ferrante.

He applied to and is supported by a left Progressive Political Action Committee called

Their stated goal (listed in their mission statement) is to support politically progressive democratic millennials in red (Republican or Conservative) areas, especially non-partisan races like ours, for the mayor to enforce progressive guidelines and gain power.

As a tax payer of Peachtree City, I am offended that a political action committee outside of our community and even outside of Georgia is using our city as a pawn in their game of chess to turn Georgia into a blue, progressive state.

Our city is OUR city. It does not belong to any political action committee outside Georgia!

Robyn Cobb

Peachtree City, Georgia.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We verified on the website that Ferrante applied for their support in March 2021. The website says their business is “recruiting and supporting young progressives”. The website says, “We connect partner organizations with candidates who need their help and use our national scale for local races.”

Which candidate does the organization help? “Run for Something only works with progressive Millennials and Gen-Zers who are first or second running for a local office. Progressive – We help people who advocate freedom of choice, universal health care, LGBTQ equality, criminal justice reform; pro-working families and organized labor, pro-electoral rights, pro-campaign financial reform that focus on inequality, fair wages and job creation; who recognize that climate change is real and man-made and that our responsibility to fight is ours; and who will fight to reduce gun violence in their community. “

Ferrante’s “Magic Bubble” campaign material does not reveal this close political and financial affiliation. Below is a screenshot of Run For Something contestants. Ferrante is on the right.

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