Despite the review bombing, Genshin Impact was the top-selling mobile game in September


Genshin Impact has grossed over $ 340 million on mobile platforms alone.

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Genshin Impact continues to do well for Mihoyo even after player review bombed its store pages on iOS and Android. According to Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact took first place for the world’s top-selling mobile game in September, outperforming its bigger competitors such as PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

Mihoyo made an additional $ 341.7 million last month, and that doesn’t include your earnings on PC, PS4, or PS5. Sensor Tower data also shows that China’s App Store was the largest source of this mobile income at just over 31 percent, while both Japan and the United States are each around 21 percent.

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Those September numbers look significantly higher than numbers from around this time last year, when Genshin Impact made nearly $ 250 million in its first month – making it one of the biggest mobile launches of all time. Even earlier this year, the RPG continued to overtake lockdown favorites like Pokemon Go, hitting the $ 2 billion mark on its first birthday.

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Regardless of how you felt about the Genshin Impact anniversary rewards, Mihoyo’s gacha RPG is not slowing down. As early as August, players began to rumble about Teyvat’s one-year anniversary plans because of the perceived stinginess that emanated from Mihoyo. In September, fan reactions escalated as they began reviewing Bombe Genshin, Mihoyo’s other titles and games that had absolutely nothing to do with the entire debacle. It turned into a huge mess, and the developer shared a statement with TheGamer saying they are “paying close attention” to the situation.

Mihoyo’s list of popular characters continues to add to its rising popularity. Back in 2020, Geo Archon Zhongli sent the community over his banner – despite early complaints about his gear – and the newer Raiden Shogun debuted with similar fanfare.

Genshin Impact’s next update, Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog, is out on October 13th. Version 2.2 will continue Mihoyo’s trend of steady content expansion and bring Tsurumi Island to Teyvat, along with Thomas Banner, new seasonal events and new hangouts.

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