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Chess is one of those old world games that seems almost impossible to understand, but it’s actually less complex than people think. If you were completely fascinated by The Queen’s Gambit last year and suddenly inspired to learn the game, you’ve come to the right place. Well ahead of time, we’ve put together every type of chess game you could ever want to play on (including some of the best chess sets in Australia).

Fun fact for you, there are more possible moves than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth plus all the stars in the observable universe. In short, there are a hell of a lot of moves you can play in any game of chess, so the sky really is the limit. It really is a special board game.

There’s a reason this game stayed for so long (read, 1500 years) so now seems like a good time to try it red-hot. Check out our picks of the best chess sets in Australia below and get ready to say checkmate.

Traditional chess games

Weigel handmade chess set, $ 169

This chess board is one of those old fashioned designs that will really make you appreciate how special the game is. You can leave it off on your coffee table to show your friends how demanding you are.

Holdson chess board game, $ 32

This black and white checkered board is a classic chess design that honors the original game. In addition, the affordable price makes it easy for you to enter the world of chess on a budget.

Chess set

Wooden chess set, $ 58.99

This classic wooden chess set is small enough to fit compactly in a drawer but large enough that you can still see what you are doing, so it’s the perfect size.

Chess games for beginners

Chess game for beginners

Miniature Chess, $ 15.83

This miniature game is a great introductory board to the world of chess. It includes the iconic black and white checkered board and detailed pieces, as well as an easy-to-understand guide to help you get started with the game.

Magnetic wooden chess set, $ 49.99

The nice thing about this chessboard is its compact size and its magnetic interior that allows you to fold it up and keep playing. If you love the look and feel of classic wooden chess boards but don’t have the space to stow one, this is the board for you.

Chess games

Magnetic chess, $ 24.95

Since we’re on the subject of magnetic chess boards, this is another great set to consider. The silver and gold parts make it look especially chic, while its light weight and compact size make it another great option for travelers.

Novel chess games

Chess set

Super Mario chess game, $ 112

Mario and Bowser face each other again in this version. Each figure is hand-painted and extremely detailed, so all Super Mario fans would be happy to have them in their collection.

Dragon chess set, $ 458.69

This novel chess scene is not based on a TV show or a film, but the board itself is a work of art. If you know someone who is a fan of the supernatural world and chess, this brings both worlds together perfectly.


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