Statements by Pak Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja on India


Hyderabad: The newly appointed head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, caused a sensation when he commented that India controls the ICC and that other countries have no courage to oppose it because they fear India’s power.

Speaking to a Senate Standing Committee, Raja said, “The PCB receives 50 percent of its funding from the ICC. The ICC conducts tournaments and the income generated from them is distributed to its member boards. 90 percent of ICC financing is now generated from the Indian market. In other words, Indian business houses do cricket in Pakistan. If tomorrow the Indian Prime Minister decides not to fund Pakistan cricket, there is a possibility that the PCB will collapse. “

However, former Indian cricketers and administrators believe that India is working for the game to progress. Former Indian cricketer Arshad Ayub said Ramiz’s comments didn’t stand up. “In a free country everyone is free to express their will. Whatever he (Ramiz Raja) said was his opinion, but it is not true. India worked on the game’s development around the world. Mr Raja speaks on his side as her country is struggling with a lack of international cricket for its own reasons. The fact is that India is a huge contributor to the ICC, but India has never tried to harm the game in Pakistan or any other country. In fact, India plays a key role in the development of the game. “

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Former Hyderabad Cricket Association secretary Shesh Narayan also thought the comments for Ramiz were inappropriate. “That is a very unfair statement. India never tried to harm the game. Who is he to talk about India and its role? We took this game to the next level. We make an important contribution to the ICC and are proud of it. “

“India has always kept an eye on the interest of the game. We sacrificed IPL in India and went to the United Arab Emirates to have the game taking into account the interests of the game and players from other countries. Ramiz Raja may have been a good cricketer in his season. But he cannot make claims that India is trying to destroy the game in Pakistan. “

Recently, the Pakistani cricket team sparked yet another controversy over sporting team jerseys that advertise the UAE as the host of the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup. India is hosting the mega-event due to the Covid-19 situation in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. According to the ICC rules, each team must wear a jersey bearing the name of India.

Regarding the Pakistani team jersey with the UAE as the host nation, Shesh Narayan said it was not their desire to bet whatever they want. “You (Pakistan) must adhere to the ICC guidelines.”

PCB has raised its voice against the domination of India in the ICC. When New Zealand left Pakistan from touring and England canceled its trip to Pakistan, the country left furiously and officials blamed India.

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