Kodak Black issues statement regarding nuisance tweets


Kodak Black is cleaning up after posting disturbing news last week that he injured himself.

Last night (October 9), Kodak returned to Instagram and posted a long letter on its page addressing the latest worrying news. “I mean, that might not be the best thing to tweet and very selfish of me to give in to such a thought,” Yak began. “I apologize for doubting myself how [I] ain’t a raw ass, gangsta, ass, niggaa, but thugs need love too, you know, and it’s totally unfair to the people who love me, who care and want to see me happy and successful whatever that looks! Thanks to everyone who was concerned and the calls and texts as I understood them, I made a bold statement, but don’t worry, I am not suicidal and I have no intention of harming myself. “

Kodak continued, “I’ve been in maximum prisons, people committed suicide and died at the hands of their cellmates right next to me. I have a great support system & surrounded by love, someone put a false rumor in my head that marginalized me I can’t say that, but all in all I’m fine! I really need a vacation, but I’m on parole, holding onto this unhealthy environment where my only choice is to go around the gangster criminal. “

The rhyme from South Florida promised to keep its cool in such cases from now on. “No matter how strong you are, everyone has their days and it’s okay, as a general, I swear never to show any signs of weakness, these are not the people who look up to me at Zool Fa,” he added. “I lost one.” my snipers to suicide. Mental health issues and depression are real, but I see this lil-fuck-n-gga happy to lose my mood and decide he wants to kick me while I’m down. Don’t worry, I have enough energy and your bitch ass gave me the motivation I need to keep going. #Nightmare.”

Kodak had concerned fans last week when it posted tweets that sounded like it was about to harm itself. “So lonely, depressed, sad and fucked up … Nobody cares … I’m everywhere @ Once … Never be famous,” Kodak typed the first message. In a follow-up tweet, he added, “Crying in my room feels like killing myself.” He then deactivated his IG account.

Kodak is currently undergoing an inpatient treatment program after failing a drug test in August and violating his probation requirements. Recently, his attorney requested that Kodak leave the state to complete the treatment.

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