Chess Super League R4: Draw Drama


Round four of the In the Chess Super League, three players lost their games dramatically because they had offered a draw before move 40, which is forbidden in this tournament. With one lap to go in the round robin phase, the Kingslayers are in the lead.

It hadn’t happened in any of the first three rounds of games, but a disaster broke out on Thursday. Three players had failed (or forgotten) the rule that a draw before move 40 is not allowed and will be punished with defeat. GMs Vidit Gujrathi, Raunak Sadhwani and Iniyan P. lost their games in this way, although the story of Sadhwani was more behind them.

The penalty seems pretty harsh, and Vidit tweeted after it (with a hint that GM Hikaru Nakamura played a game in the Chess Super League and a game in Titled Tuesday two days earlier).

He got a retweet from GM Anish Giri while at GM Arjun Erigaisi pointed out that he recently got away with a warning in an online tournament.

Quintessence women vs. key pawns: 2-4

Bo. fed 6th Quintessential queens Rtg 2 – 4 fed 5 Key characters Rtg
1.1 GM Karjakin, Sergey 2743 ½ – ½ GM Thing, Liren 2799
1.2 GM Koneru, Humpy 2586 0 – 1 GM Gupta, Abhijeet 2628
1.3 GM Hui, Yifan 2658 1 – 0 I AM Kulkarni, Bhakti 2388
1.4 I AM Tanja, Sachdev 2392 ½ – ½ GM Abdumalik, Zhansaya 2507
1.5 GM Iniyan, P. 2529 0 – 1 GM Arjun, Kalyan 2537
1.6 WIM Priyanka, K. 2218 0 – 1 WIM Savitha, Shri B. 2281

Fortunately, Iniyan’s defeat did not affect the score in this match, as the Pivotal Pawns would have won anyway. Still, it didn’t seem right that this game didn’t end peacefully, as it was basically a theoretical draw from move 54.

Krazy Knights vs. Brutal Bishops: 4-2

Bo. fed 1 Krazy knight Rtg 4 – 2 fed 4th Brutal bishops Rtg
2.1 GM Nakamura, Hikaru 2736 1 – 0 GM Wang, Hao 2744
2.2 GM Sasikiran, Krishnan 2640 1 – 0 GM Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi 2726
2.3 GM Muzychuk, Marija 2536 ½ – ½ I AM Karavade, Eesha 2345
2.4 WGM Gomes, Mary Anna 2354 0 – 1 GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra 2518
2.5 GM Aryans, Chopra 2585 1 – 0 GM Sadhwani, Raunak 2555
2.6 WIM Mrudul, Dehankar 2256 ½ – ½ WFM Tarini, Goyal 2164

As Giri tweeted, it was Brutal Bishops vs. Brutal Regulations as both Vidit and Sadhwani play for that team. Two draws would have meant a 3-3 draw and a shared second place in the table instead of a shared third place.

The ending position for Vidit-Sasikiran was actually pretty even, so Vidit’s unfortunate tweet was understandable.

It was very different for Sadhwani, but the result was the same. In a very theoretical variant of the Italian, the 15-year-old Indian GM had the impression that there was a three repetition on move 22 and tried to claim a draw with the referee. (He wasn’t sure whether or not the server would instantly decide on a tie.)

Since the referee did not react immediately, the game went on for a while. At some point the referee saw the news and decided to declare the game lost for Sadhwani, as a false draw demand is considered a draw offer under the chess laws.

All in all, the situation was primarily confusing. “TThat was my point: There was no such rule stating that a false claim of three times this amount is also counted as a loss or that a triple amount is drawn automatically by the server, “said Sadhwani.

In that match, Nakamura won a great fight with GM Wang Hao who missed some chances halfway through the game. The engine finds a nice sacrifice for Black:

Ruthless Rooks vs. Kingslayers: 2.5-3.5

Bo. fed 2 Ruthless towers Rtg 2½ – ​​3½ fed 3 Regicide Rtg
3.1 GM Radjabov, Teimour 2763 ½ – ½ GM Giri, Anish 2774
3.2 GM Karthikeyan, Murali 2630 ½ – ½ GM Sethuraman, Sp 2620
3.3 GM Muzychuk, Anna 2533 1 – 0 GM Dzagnidze, Nana 2524
3.4 GM Harika, Dronavalli 2511 ½ – ½ I AM Soumya, Swaminathan 2351
3.5 I AM Raja, Harshit 2494 0 – 1 GM Gukesh, D. 2640
3.6 WFM Saloniki, Saina 2206 0 – 1 WIM Arpita, Mukherjee 2229

Sole leader after four rounds are the Kingslayers, who won three games in a row after their opening defeat. Their 3.5-2.5 win over the Ruthless Rooks could have been 4-2 as GM missed Nana Dzagnidze a chance. Here, too, it was about the long-term compensation for a piece:

Muzychuk Dzagnidze Chess Super League
Muzychuk versus Dzagnidze. Image: Samay Raina / Youtube.

Round 4 tables

Rk. team 1 2 3 4th 5 6th MP BP
1 Regicide 4th 6th 12.5
2 Key characters 3 4th 5 13.0
3 Brutal bishops 3 2 3 4th 12.5
4th Ruthless towers 4th 4th 12.5
5 Krazy knight 2 4th 2 4th 4th 12.0
6th Quintessential queens 2 3 2 1 9.5

All games on day 4

The Chess Super League will continue with rounds four and five on Thursday and Friday, followed by playoffs and finals on Saturday and Sunday. The games are played with a time control of 15 minutes plus a 10-second step. The total prize pool for the event is Rs.40 lakh (US $ 54,000).

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