Foundation Episode 5 Answers 4 questions about Gaal, Hari & More


Foundation Episode 5 marks a major turning point in the series and answers key questions about Gaal Dornick, Raych Foss, the Anacreons, and Hari Seldon.

This article contains spoilers for Foundation, endowment Episode 5.

Foundation, endowment Episode 5 answered four key questions about Gaal Dornick, Raych Foss, the Anacreons, and even Hari Seldon himself. Foundation, endowment Showrunner David Goyer has regularly compared his Apple TV + show to a cosmic game of chess, with the psycho-historian Hari Seldon on one side and the Emperor on the other. The Emperor’s only concern is maintaining the status quo, while Hari Seldon rightly recognized change as inevitable and seeks to control it in order to prevent the coming galactic Dark Age.

But if this is a game of chess, it is between two grandmasters. As with all best matches, there are a number of tricks and deceptions in which each player carefully positions the pieces while trying to hide their true purpose. Hari Seldon in particular has chosen to make some early sacrifices, apparently staging his own death, to ensure that his followers are genuinely committed to the foundation project. It has not all turned out the way Hari intended – the discipline of psychological history, while predicting the great tides of history, fails when it comes to predicting individual actions. Nevertheless, the plan works.

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Foundation, endowment Episode 5 is something of a turning point in the series that finally answers some key questions and sets the future direction of the show. Little by little, Hari Seldon’s real intent becomes clear – and his plans will undoubtedly shake the Empire.

What happened to Gall Dornick after episode 2 of the foundation?

Foundation Episode 4 Gaal Dornick

In Foundation, endowment Episode 2, Gaal Dornick came to her lover Raych and found him standing over Hari Seldon’s body, a bloody knife in his hands. It always seemed clear that Hari Seldon had arranged his own death, with Raych obeying orders to make sure the psychohistorian’s predictions came true, but Hari hadn’t factored in that Gaal would come in at such an inopportune moment. When Raych realized that Gaal would be involved in the crime, he had no choice but to conform; he gave up his own escape attempt to make sure she survived in his place. Gaal was placed in a cryogenically sealed escape pod and ejected from the Foundation ship.

Foundation, endowment Episode 5 begins decades later when Gaal Dornick’s capsule is collected from a computer-controlled ship that has only been programmed to obey Raych. She eventually concludes that the ship is taking her to Helicon, Hari Seldon’s homeworld, in accordance with a mission that must have been programmed decades ago. It appears that Hari intended to escape Raych from the Foundation ship and put Raych in a cryogenic suspension until the first Seldon Crisis that would shape the fate of the galaxy; Now Gaal has been sent in Raych’s place without using Raych’s prior knowledge, and she has to find out what her new role is.

What happened to Raych Foss after the second Foundation episode?

Alfred Enoch as Raych Foss in Foundation

Raych’s heroic decision to save Gaal’s life sadly ruined his own. It left him aboard the Foundation ship, where he was understandably tried for the murder of Hari Seldon. He refused to account for his actions, presumably cautiously, revealing information that the members of the foundation should not know, information that would possibly influence the psychohistorical calculations. It was only when he was about to be executed that Raych finally spoke up – not in front of his executors, but in front of the camera that recorded his death, knowing that the footage would one day be viewed by his beloved Gaal Dornick. “I know it’s tough” he said. “I know what I did seems incomprehensible, but … you can’t lose confidence in the plan. Ever. You can still solve a puzzle even if a piece is missing.

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Gaal had correctly recognized that Hari Seldon’s calculations had some flaw, and Raych’s words suggest that this was intentional – that there is a puzzle to be solved, and that he believes that she alone can do it. If Raych is right, Gaal must learn how to become a grandmaster in Hari Seldon’s place to make up for the mistakes in his predictions. The fate of the galaxy depends on its ability to do so.

Why are the anacreons on terminus?

Anakreon Foundation

Meanwhile, the first Seldon Crisis is taking place on Terminus, out on the galactic edge. It appears that the Anacreons have discovered an old Imperial warship and are trying to restore it and use it to wage war against the Empire. The Foundation has the only valuable resource they need, namely the skills and knowledge to get the warship up and running again. The anacreons don’t care that, if Hari Seldon’s predictions are correct, they could doom the galaxy to a dark age lasting 30,000 years or more; all they want is vengeance.

But Hari Seldon’s predictions seem to have taken this into account. It is worth noting that the homeworld of Anacreon was bombed by the Empire in response to a major terrorist attack on the galactic capital Trantor, but the perpetrators of this crime have never been identified. It’s entirely possible that Hari Seldon himself was responsible for the destruction of the space bridge, with Hari controlling the fall of the Empire to ensure it unfolded as predicted. Given that it does, it is certainly no accident that he sent a group of experts to the galactic fringes, men and women, who had all the knowledge the anacreons would need. In Isaac Asimov’s books, the foundation was a bluff intended to hide Seldon’s real intentions, and that is likely the case with David Goyer Foundation, endowment as.

Have Hari Seldon’s plans really failed?

Hari Seldon Gaal Dornik Foundation

At first glance, the chaos in Terminus and the death of Raych Foss seem to suggest that Hari Seldon’s plans have failed. In reality, however, most of the pieces seem to be exactly where Hari intended them to be. The vault on Terminus is believed to be linked to Seldon, Salvor Hardin’s mysterious association with the vault ensures she receives the key knowledge she needs to navigate the first Seldon crisis, and an agent is dispatched to Hari’s homeworld, Helicon. When she gets to Helicon, Gaal Dornick will have to figure out exactly what to do to keep the story on track. If she succeeds, all of Hari Seldon’s plans will be in Foundation, endowment can still happen.

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