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She has been a member of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command since November 2020, helps civilian employees on board and ensures that time and attendance as well as earned vacation are accurately accounted for.

These are just a few of the things that Janet Laufenberg, Human Resources Officer, is doing here to support civilian workers.

She also organizes training events, helps solve problems with the automated time and attendance and production system, as well as reviewing and certifying these records in each billing cycle, and can help correct vacation times. She is available to assist staff in setting up their Department of Defense performance management and assessment program, ensuring records and data get into the records of their Army personnel, and helping answer questions about performance and retirement.

Laufenberg brings a lot of knowledge with him that he has acquired from many years of work in human resources for the army.

“I like to work for the army and support troops, because that’s what we do in the end,” Laufenberg described.

She started working for the Army as a 19-year-old college student and has been with the army ever since.

Not far from where Laufenberg grew up with nine siblings in rural Ontario, Wisconsin, she spent most of her career working – and doing a similar thing – for the Army Civilian Personnel Advisory Center in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin like here.

Fort McCoy is currently temporarily hosting the largest group of Afghan refugees in the US. Almost 13,000 special visa applicants and their families are living in the fort while they are under medical examination and their papers are processed to stay in the United States

In May 2018, Laufenberg left Fort McCoy for Kentucky, where she joined the Louisville CPAC and worked primarily with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She now lives in Louisville and is still discovering things in town.

Laufenberg was joining a bowling league at the main event when they moved here. But the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to that. However, she can still boast a 201 high game. She has since played golf at a number of Louisville courses and hopes to try the course in Fort Knox.

As a lifelong athlete, Janet played softball and volleyball in her teens. When she’s not playing bowling or golf, she works out at the gym or just goes for a walk.

Laufenberg has a son, Colin, who has just turned 26. He received a bachelor’s degree in health care and currently works in a medical facility in the Milwaukee area. When asked which Wisconsin soccer team are you passionate about?

“Colin stands by his Vikings team every football season while I support the Packers!” She said.

Laufenberg is pleased that Colin has made it his business to visit his grandmother as often as possible to stock up on homemade baked goods.
Laufenberg was taught by her parents to help others.

“I remember Amish people coming into the house and dad driving them where they needed them,” she shared. “He didn’t care what time of day it was.”

Laufenberg has the same gift and has done a lot of volunteer and support work all her life. She joined the Sparta, Wisconsin, Women’s Club and helped raise funds for the Save Second Base breast cancer research center at the University of Wisconsin.

“I enjoyed that and they invited us all to tour the facility, which was a really great place,” she said.

She also bought supplies and clothing for children in need of help in Sparta and helped out with the local chamber of commerce.

“I like to help others, like to go out, meet other women in the community and get involved in the city,” said Laufenberg.
Laufenberg also volunteered here in Louisville.

“I had some time when I first moved here, so I volunteered to help with the Louisville Special Olympics,” she said. “I grew up knowing that I can always help others.”

The human resources expert, with over three decades of experience, has some advice for others who work for the federal government.

“Be flexible and mobile,” she shared. “You should be ready to move or deploy if necessary.”

She said it was important to have that flexibility for a promotion. That’s one of the reasons why she joined the 1st TSC. It gave her the opportunity to develop professionally.

Unity is part of what motivates Laufenberg to continue their government service.

“The army has always conveyed the message that we are all one and we are here to support soldiers,” she said.

“It has been a pretty rewarding career working in the army. It’s always fun to hire someone for a job they want, but it’s hard to survive something like downsizing. ”

Another piece of advice Laufenberg is happy to give is to keep yourself open to changing job series. She said that people are not tied to a particular job and that individuals may have experience if they want a change. She also recommends people to find either a formal or informal mentor to accompany them throughout their careers.

“Hold on and stand out there,” said Laufenberg about the federal service.

Stop by her office on the first floor and visit Laufenberg with any personnel questions you have or for a friendly chat about bowling.

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