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Digital tabletop gaming may seem like a contradiction in terms, but a lot of video games are running steam and other platforms are framed around digital versions of physical cards, thumbnails, and boards. These tabletop video games are often based on existing board games, TTRPGs, trading card games, or deck building games, but some are completely original titles that simply mimic the mechanics and physicality of these games. For those looking to try the genre out, here are some of the best digital tabletop games available.

While people sometimes equate tabletop games with pen-and-paper RPGs, like Dungeons, that’s not always the case. Tabletop gaming includes trading card games such as Magic the Gathering and Pokémon TCG, as well as board games like Ticket and monopoly. Anything played with physical objects around a table (or the floor) falls under the tabletop screen, and digital tabletop games simulate these parameters in a virtual space.

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Tabletop simulator is a catch-all solution that offers a physics-based, digital area for creating and playing tabletop games. It can be a little unwieldy, however, and many gamers may prefer a more standalone, scripted experience. The best tabletop video games span genres, but all of them capture the feel of the turn-based strategy that physical board games and RPGs are known for.

Village Romance is a relaxed, city-building, digital tabletop game

Village romance is a (surprisingly strategic) newcomer to the tabletop-inspired video game genre, but has quickly garnered praise for its relaxing gameplay and arcade feel. The players draw one tile after the other from a procedurally generated pile and then assign its edges to others on the board, depending on whether they have a city, a farm, a forest, a river or a railroad. The game ends when the stack is used up, but the players get points and more tiles if they are able to form sufficiently large groups of the landscape types – and the hunt for points begins. Village romance is never intrusive and always serene, but the game has a natural way of being addicting. After a round is over, this can inspire players to look at their finished card and make another attempt to make something bigger and more beautiful.

TaleSpire is a powerful digital tabletop RPG game tool

Best TaleSpire Digital Tabletop Video Games

TTRPG have been able to use Dungeon Masters and Game Masters for years Role20 and Fantasy terrain to play games online with other players, but a new tool in Steam Early Access, TaleSpire, lets DMs, GMs, and independent tabletop RPG designers create tabletop games and campaigns that feel like video game adventures. With a 3D editor that supports several different terrain, building and character designs, DMs can create dungeons and cities for one-off or full campaigns for any role-playing game. There are all sorts of customization options and tons of pre-built assets available to make every session shine. It takes some work to build a full dungeon, but the payoff of a custom RPG level is well worth it.

Root is a digital adaptation of a unique strategy board game

For those who want to get into digital tabletop gaming with friends, root is a wargame with a twist: different risk or Axis and allies, each player has their own special goal that is unique to their faction, and each faction – different collections of forest creatures – has its own way of gaining an advantage. The Marquis of Cats, for example, builds buildings and develops the forests, while the Woodland Alliance tries to gain favor by mobilizing sympathizers in the opponent’s regions. Whether it is the right move to attack opponents and advance into new regions can vary greatly depending on which round it is, which cards are drawn and which factions are in play, so every game plays out differently. The digital version does all of this while maintaining a wonderful chibi-art style and a happy, animated aesthetic. root is complex, but will add hundreds of hours of playtime and fun, especially with like-minded playgroups.

Gloomhaven’s digital version is a basic tactical RPG

Gloomhaven often lands on the “Best Board Games Ever” list, largely due to the fact that it is a cooperative game that doesn’t shy away from the depths of its mechanics. Gloomhaven allows players to play characters with a variety of play styles, and offers a strategic and tactical version of a traditional dungeon crawler that still allows players to fight, loot, and forge their own stories. It’s a mix of traditional board game and Dungeons, and its digital version feels like a traditional RPG video game in many ways. Gloomhaven however, is difficult and thought-provoking, so players shouldn’t expect to be able to grind to victory. There are character-specific actions to master, and even if the game is random, the enemies are tough. Still, its cooperative nature makes it a great game to play with friends, and the depths of its campaigns match those in D&D and scout.

Ticket to Ride is a loyal digital tabletop classic

For board gamers looking for a no-frills (most likely Steam Deck playable) version of a classic casual and competitive board game, the digital edition of Ticket should tick every box, and then some. The original game asks players to collect decks of cards and use them to connect objectives on a map of America before someone else cuts them off. The digital Ticket comes with online and offline modes and captures the fast-paced and strategic fun of the original without sacrificing gameplay elements. Most expansion boards are also available as DLC, and each one includes new rules, challenges, and landscapes, making this the ideal way to play Ticket for those without access to the board game or a local playgroup.

Beyond these titles steam Early Access offers a constant influx of new, tabletop-inspired video games in development. There are a large number of deckbuilding roguelikes and traditional RPGs in the works, but the genre goes beyond that with digital projects that appeal to the social elements of tabletop gaming, casual experiences, and heavily strategic play styles.

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