The New Orleans Saints finally have an Alabama soccer player


Football fans in Alabama can cheer for the Saints again

Since the state of Alabama does not have a professional team, many fans support neighboring franchises. The Titans, Falcons, and Saints are the three most commonly supported. While Atlanta and Tennessee had Alabama soccer legends on their roster this year, the Saints didn’t. That said, they haven’t done it until now.

A few days before the NFL trading deadline, the New Orleans Saints traded with the Houston Texans for Mark Ingram. Ingram signed with the Texans this off-season and was a veteran in the locker room. In a busy backcourt, he was still the carry leader by a large margin. His statistics were below average but he still adds and brings energy to the team.

The Saints designed Mark Ingram when he left Alabama football, and he had an eight-year career before becoming running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He rushed over 6,000 yards in his first stint with the Saints and will likely end the season as the team’s best rusher of all time.

The three-time pro bowler started earlier for the Saints but will now be a downhill run. Alvin Kamara is one of the most talented backs in the NFL, and Ingram will change the pace and keep things calm. Even so, he has enough tread on the tires to make a contribution this year.

Alabama Football has grown many stars in the NFL, but Ingram has always been a fan favorite. He was the first Tide player to win the Heisman Trophy, and he was a key piece in the beginning of the Alabama football dynasty. Playing for a team near Alabama has always been a bonus, and he can finally get back to where his NFL career began.

Things will be different this time, but Ingram is cheered fiercely by the Tide believers. We’ll see what he can do in New Orleans for the rest of this season.

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