Former top footballers in connection with a major Dutch drug case


Football pros Dirk Kuijt and Wesley Sneijder were questioned by police on suspicion that they were visiting the illegal gambling site Edobet, which is linked to drug lord Piet S., the AD reported. Your interview is part of a larger investigation into Piet S.

Piet S.’s son, Freddy S., founded the Edobet gambling site. Sneijder and Kuijt were reportedly regulars on the site and played with large sums of money. “Dirk Kuijt sometimes plays with 25 grand (25,000 euros) a day,” the police heard during the investigation.

Kuijt confessed that he was a regular visitor to the site towards the end of his professional football career. “I often left funds on the site, but sometimes I withdrew it.” Kuijt described how he would meet someone at a gas station to get the money.

“The time when I gambled on Edobet is long behind me and I don’t want to be reminded of that time,” said Kuijt, according to AD.

Sneijder allegedly had gambling debts, which led to criminals threatening his family. “We will no longer ask for money, first we will send someone to the hospital. It could also be a woman, as long as it belongs to the family. His mother, aunt, grandmother, no matter who,” read a threatening message to Sneijder.

Sneijder said he received threats, but these intimidation attempts had nothing to do with the gambling site. After it turned out that he had nothing to do with the debt, the criminals left him alone, the former soccer player said: “They apologized ten times and then they left. I never heard from them again.”

Piet S. from The Hague is suspected of being a high-ranking international drug trafficker. Police arrested S. in September 2020 for involvement in criminal offenses, including money laundering, corruption and street-level murders.

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