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The President of the United States of America considers the nation to be systemically racist. The Vice President of the United States believes one of the greatest threats to the nation is domestic terrorism from white racists.

Well, we have come a long way since 1776, when our Founding Fathers worked to create a nation “where all human beings are created equal.” Today, the nation’s two top leaders, backed and supported by an army of rabid, radical leftists (aka Democratic Socialists / Progressives), use their favorite propaganda tools (Black Lives Matter, mainstream media, cowardly corporations, and big tech’s). Social media language censorship) to quickly turn a nation of freedom-loving, hard-working, and independently-thinking citizens into a totalitarian morass where all people, all actions and all communications are viewed and profiled through the prism of race.

We are not a nation but a country divided into tribes that use dashes to denote primary and secondary allegiances. Instead of “Americans,” we are now defined by color-coding groupings such as African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native American, and White American in lower case.

Today “equality” has been supplanted to make way for the Marxist concept of equality – which requires that people be judged by their skin color and personal circumstances; not the content of their character (as was the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.). In addition, critical racial theory – demonizing the deceased and living Caucasians and their cultural contributions by suppressing the false concept that “white supremacy” is at the core of all societal evils – is being force-fed to our children through an educational system that is tacitly theirs subjected to a new role of indoctrination instead of education.

The absurdity of the false narrative of systemic racism can probably best be refuted by the fact that “we, the people” elected a black president just 13 years ago – and then again four years later! The lie of systemic racism is also being promoted by the legions of intelligent, hard-working, extremely confident and competent Black and other minorities who hold significant positions of power and influence in all areas of government, education, business, health care, the military, the arts and entertainment etc.

Today, the exceptionally wealthy organization called Black Lives Matter (BLM) is held by some individuals and groups in a lofty and seemingly sacred position within our society, even though one of its key leaders in New York proudly proclaimed that the use of force to bring about the desired results to achieve in a reasonable manner. If BLM were a different group, it would likely be classified as a domestic terrorist group.

Today, law enforcement is so restricted, dismantled, demoralized and exhausted that police officers can no longer do their jobs for fear of being accused of brutality or racism by media-obsessed mobs of political activists and agitators – most of whom prefer a “photo opportunity” primetime instead of an off-screen meeting to have meaningful dialogue that could improve the police officer’s job.

“Hate” is no longer just a negative emotion that can be used to attribute a motive to the commission of a crime. It’s now a crime of its own – one based on skin color and one that requires federal intervention and a harsher sentence for the convicted perpetrator.

Today, American Conservatives of all skin colors are vilified and silenced for fear of being labeled “racist” or “sold out” by socialist puppets who continue to use the race card to gain financial and political benefits. Indeed, those individuals and groups who have benefited from the idea of ​​the eternal victim role of blacks and who continue to benefit have been called upon by courageous luminaries for many years – starting in 1911 with the educator Booker T. Washington and to this day with the author Taleeb Starkes, Civil rights attorney Leo Turrell, political commentator Candace Owens, and most recently US Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

While the harsh realities of racism haunt and continue to haunt our country; it is also true that in the last 100 years or more we have made significant strides towards the ideal of a “more perfect union”. We are not a nation steeped in systemic racism. Ironically, following the example of the current Biden / Harris administration, we are transforming ourselves quickly and dangerously into a nation infected with systemic reverse racism. As Senator Scott remarked so brilliantly on a recent TV appearance, “The fight against bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy.”

At some point I trust that “we, the people” – of all skin colors, ethnicities, religions, genders (biological or self-determined), sexual beliefs, etc., meaning and dignity / respect for one another will be reinstated as fundamental principles and values ​​that we use to to heal ourselves and our land.

It is also time for those of us who are able to speak out without fear of being fired from a job. And it is time for those of us who embrace freedom and civil liberties to stop consuming goods and services from companies that voted for the radical left agenda. We can no longer sit back and let go unchallenged the outrageous lies, practices, programs and relentless propaganda of the radical left elite – which, if not controlled, will ensure the ultimate destruction of a united nation in which all Americans have equal opportunities in life to have. Freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Rebecca Harmon

Mount Airy


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