LiNkzr is pulling out of the professional Overwatch game


Overwatch lost another veteran of his esports scene today. Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin withdraws from the competition at all levels of the game.

However, the Finnish hitscan maestro mentioned that he would be interested in an analyst or coaching position if they were to do so before starting Overwatch 2who he says “doesn’t really care” about his Twitter longer post about his retirement.

LiNkzr says he will move on to a professional career VALORANT, a game that several former has seen Overwatch Players find success. LiNkzr is known as a very flexible and intelligent gamer, especially in his early career with heroes like Mei and Genji, and should have no problem transferring his head-clicking talent to another game.

LiNkzr wrote that he “really appreciated” [his] Time ”as a Overwatch pro, found it “a shame” that he “did not really achieve” [his] Goals full. “The emotional farewell post ends with” I am really happy that I was able to experience this game with all of you. “

During his six year career in the Overwatch On the scene, LiNkzr played for nine different teams and represented his nation at each of the three major World Cup tournaments. Perhaps his most notable time on a team was with the all-Finnish Team Gigantti, a locally sponsored team that included other future OWL players like Fragi and Zuppeh that won the European Contenders 2017 as an underdog against Misfits.

The newest team at LiNkzr, the Vancouver Titans are subjected to a general overhaul this off-season. The team currently has no players under contract with no indication of how they will remodel for the 2021 season.

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