A conversation with chargers wide receiver Joshua Palmer


Week 10 of your rookie season is here, I’m sure it will be over soon, but how are you feeling right now?

Joshua Palmer: I feel good. I’m learning a lot, which was basically my point of view this season, learning as much as possible from the veterans. Keenan [Allen’s] helps me a lot. Mike [Williams] helps me a lot. I tell people all the time, they are the best mentors in the field, so I have to take advantage of that.

What does it mean to have these guys in the room with you?

Palmer: That means a lot. Every time I get to work I know that I’m going to learn something new. Keenan is very hospitable when I ask him questions. We made a good connection between him and me. Mike just helps me whenever he can. Of course they have different games, but I learn different things from both of them.

You always seem like the last – if not the last – out here to work after your workout. Where does this work ethic come from?

Palmer: It came from Tennessee. What you see me doing now, I’ve been doing for three or four years. It was nothing new, I just wanted to develop great habits so when I got here I didn’t have to turn anything on. So it was just something that always helped me a lot. It’s extra work and a long way to go. I look forward to it every time after training. Especially in college, I looked forward to coming up and doing extra things like intercepting the JUGS machine. I know it will pay off.

When you talk about looking forward to it, is that a Zen thing? What do you like so much about being alone and doing everything?

Palmer: It’s definitely a confidence booster. I come and represent the things I want to work on. I catch as many balls as I can after training so I know I can catch. As a recipient, you have the confidence to gain, but it is the reassurance and every day I like to reassure myself that I do.

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