Looking forward to chess world championships without the stress of playing: Anand as a commentator | Chess news


CHENNAI: Indian chess ace Viswanathan Anand is looking forward to a World Cup without the stress of competition as he prepares to put on the commentator’s hat for the upcoming duel between defending champions Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia.
The showdown in the marquee will take place in Dubai from November 24th to December 16th.
“I think it will be fun. I’ve already seen it online. I’m looking forward to trying it out. It will be very nice,” said the five-time ex-world champion, who will be one of the official commentators.
About the making of the commentator role, the Chennai-based chess ace said, “There is no big story… basically FIDE asked me if I should be the commentator for the World Championship game and I thought why not try. ”
“It’s going to be special. I’m looking forward to a World Cup match without the stress of the game. I’m a chess fan too and I hope it will be a good game,” said Anand, who has already played the role of commentator for a few online events .
“Of course, some memories will come back. I’ll just go there and see how it is.”
Regarding the game itself, he said Carlsen was in pretty good shape and would be the favorite.
“Carlsen is in pretty good shape. He was reactive. He prepared well. He will be the favorite. Nepomniachtchi are strong enough to be a good opponent. I hope it will be an exciting game,” he said.
On the way to making the championship game a 14-game affair from the last 12-game final, Anand said it gives players better chances of making a comeback after setbacks
“They will now play three games before a rest day and not two games as before. That can be exhausting. Longer games give both players more chances of a comeback after setbacks,” he said.
Anand, who played at the third rapid and blitz tournament of Tata Steel Chess India, which from the 17th against top players.
Vidit Gujrathi, B Adhiban, Dronavalli Harika and the young brigade with Nihal Sarin, R Praggnanandhaa, Karthikeyan Murali, D Gukesh, Raunak Sadhwani, Arjun Erigaisi and R Vaishali will take part in the tournament in Calcutta.
He praised the performance of the young Indian players over the last year or so, saying they did well and improved their ratings.
“Gukesh has made a wonderful leap in rating, and Raunak (Sadhwani) has also improved his rating. Pragg (Praggnanandhaa) has achieved some very good results in online tournaments.
“Your progress has been very steady,” Anand said of the young Indian brigade, some of which he trains as part of the Westbridge Anand Chess Academy.


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