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There are five known boards (maps) in Mario Party Superstars. This page lists each board and has pictures and information about each Mario Party Superstars card, including potential star locations, tips, and more.

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List of cards

Mario Party Superstars Boards

All of these boards are unlocked from the start of Mario Party Superstars – no cards need to be unlocked.
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Best card in Mario Party Superstars

For beginners:

  • Peach birthday cake has no choice where on the map – everything is determined by rolling the dice. This makes it easy to learn for those who have never played a Mario Party game or many board games. They can’t get lost or accidentally headed in the wrong or substandard direction so all they need is advice on how to buy and use items. This also makes Peach’s Birthday Cake a faster game as fewer decisions are made each round.


For experienced players:

  • Horror land is an expansive menu with many different choices and options. If you want to strategically plan board movements, item use and more and want to rely entirely on your own strategy, you will have the most fun on Horror Land. The rest of the boards rely on things that are largely beyond your control. Keep in mind that Horror Land would be a bad choice for someone’s first Mario Party game, especially if they’re not familiar with board games or video games.

Yoshi’s tropical island

“A pair of Yoshi-shaped islands full of fruit. Watermelon Island is on the left, while Cantaloupe Island is on the right.”

  • Yoshi’s Tropical Island is a 1-star difficulty board that was originally made by Mario Party.
  • It is only two star locations. The star pictured above left will swap with the Bowser room on the right when a player lands on an event space and activates Cheep Chomp’s trick. It is exchanged every time someone lands on an event space.
  • Bowser will force an item on a player when he passes his field. This fee can be up to 20 coins. In return, you might get a curse pad or a useless swimmer.
  • Players have to pay a fee Thwomp to travel between islands. The fee is based on the price set by the last player – so if one player pays 1 coin to fold, the next one must pay at least 2. He can, however, pay as much as he likes – setting the next fee for the next player trying to fold.
  • Existence of Koopa room on the left island the player rewards with 10 coins
  • When you pass Boo, you can ask him to steal coins from another player or a star for 50 coins for free. Boo will give you the bounty.
  • Warp blocks and Triple cube are particularly useful items for quickly traveling between islands to hunt the star.
  • The difficulty of this level can vary widely depending on how rude your opponents are when they pay Thwomp.

Space land

“A space station whose paths start from the center. Keep an eye on the timer and the cannon controlled by Bowser! ”


  • The star can appear on any square marked with the little yellow dot on the map above.
  • Bowser’s beam makes you do it NS Everyone of your coins. It hits everyone on the straight diagonal path that runs from the bottom left to the top right of the board.
  • Every time someone walks by Counter in the middle, it counts down by one. When it reaches 0, Bowser fires.
  • Land on one Event space and a runaway spaceship will chase you and all other players in the way return to an exit. The arrows pointing to the board path indicate where the ships are entering. The ship moves counter-clockwise and extends where the arrows point away from the board.
  • the Snifit patrol are the Shy Guys in masks at the top left and bottom right of the map. Pay 5 coins to look out for speedsters. Then when someone lands on an event space, he is hunted twice as long – to the second set of arrows counterclockwise from the event field.

Peach birthday cake

“A double-layer cake with juicy strawberries. Be careful though – you might find Bowser with the pudding! ”

  • The star always stays in the same place on this map.
  • Because of this, Triple cube are the most valuable item here as you have to circle the board quickly.
  • However a Damn dice Using it for yourself could be helpful when you are close to the star but don’t have adequate funds.
  • A Custom cube block comes in handy when passing a long stretch of straight squares that have been claimed by other players to make sure you don’t end up on their field.
  • Land on one Event space on the outer circle to plant a “strawberry” – in reality a piranha plant.
  • Small strawberries costs 5 coins to plant and will Steal coins from every opponent who then lands on this field. Chances are they won’t go away after coins are stolen. abbreviation
  • Big strawberries costs 30 coins to plant. you will be steal a star from the next opponent who lands on this space.
  • if you Land in a field where you planted a strawberry, you get coins (and they won’t go away!). You also have the option of upgrading a small strawberry to a large strawberry.
  • Land on the Event space in the inner circle to take a shortcut (indicated by the red arrow).
  • If you have the Goomba, it will make you pick one of four seeds. One of them will force you to do that Route towards Bowser on the pudding. This is completely random.
  • When you pass Bowser, he’ll take you up to 20 coins (but he might feel sorry for you if you’re last and give you some instead.) This is a much shorter walk to the star, and you have a chance to land on Lucky Spaces, a Vs. Space or the only chance Time Space on the map.

Woody forests

“A forest where anyone who enters gets lost. Signs point you in all directions and you could come across a dubious tree in it.”


  • The star here can appear at any of the points marked with a yellow dot on the map above.
  • There is three direction signs with arrows on this board indicating the direction you are going when you reach that fork. This changes every round.
  • Note: Looking at the star field on the map will tell you how many fields you are away from it. that makes do not consider the direction the arrows point! It will always show you the shortest number of spaces that the asterisk is away. as if the arrow points in the right direction.
  • Landing on one Event space in front of one of these signposts will also change direction. It will still change direction at the start of the next turn.
  • Monty Mole, at the top of the board, gives you the opportunity to change the direction of the signpost in exchange for coins every time you pass it. The cost seems random.
  • Landing on one Event space before the beautiful green tree On the path below you can choose a reward: a coin fruit or a dice fruit – this is how you can earn extra coins or hit another block and move again this round.
  • Landing on one Event space before the My purple tree on the upper path is similar but bad. You will either lose coins or hit a block of dice and move back – but that could benefit you as you will be sent back before the fork in the road and you will also activate the square you land on.
  • Because it’s so difficult to go the right way Players tend to rely on chomp calls (which change the position of the star) and golden pipes – which you automatically distort to a star space. Chomp calls cost 6 coins and appear in the shop in round 10. Golden Pipes cost 25 coins and appear much later in the game. Make sure you have enough coins to buy a star before using it and keep an eye out for other players with loot chests who might want to steal it!

Horror land

“A country where day turns into night and back before you know it.

  • The star here can appear in any of the fields marked by the yellow dot on the map above.
  • the Day and night cycle largely affects how this map works – see the icon on the right as you look at the map to see if it’s day or night if you need to be sure. The cycle changes every two revolutions – so it changes at the beginning of the third round.
  • Land on one Event space which cause Switch cycle immediately.
  • During the Day, Pass Mystery Mansion on top of the board to pay coins switch it to night.
  • at night, walk past the strange looking Boo in the middle of the board and pay coins to dance with you to switch the cycle to day.
  • King Boo top right, blocked by a gate that requires a Lockpick, is only available at night. It steals coins from all opponents for 15 coins or steals stars from all opponents for 150 coins.
  • Other boos in the middle left of the board work like normal boos and only work at night.
  • However there is one day just boo, lower left in the panel. You must a. use Lockpick to get to it.
  • There are three there Whomp block the paths (marked by the gray lines that intersect the paths on the map above) you can only be moved during the day, and it costs coins to move. At night they will block the way.
  • Mr. I is warp, indicated by the eye symbol on the map, is available both during the day and at night. It’s only 3 coins at night, but 6 coins during the day. It leaves you in the spot to the right of the other eye icon on the board (top left).

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