11 family board games to play this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving meetings usually involve extended family visits. Why not pass the time with a friendly game or two?

Here we round up some great board games to keep your household entertained for hours over Thanksgiving weekend.

1. Monopoly

The classic real estate trading game allows players to buy, sell and plan their way to real estate wealth. This version includes the Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the penguin in the token family. The game is suitable for people aged eight and over.

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The property plays in a Manchester version of Monopoly – complete with the English city’s famous football clubs – that was seen in April 2020.
Vision House via Getty Images

2. Scrabble

Bring out the dictionary and challenge your family to the ultimate battle of words. Scrabble is recommended for players ages eight and up.

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Letters on a scrabble board.
Letters on a scrabble board during a tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Wheel of Fortune

Bring the TV game show to your living room with this board game that will win you by solving word puzzles. This edition features 100 puzzles written by the team at Wheel of Fortune. The game is recommended for players aged eight and over.

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4. Guess who?

In this two-person game, one player chooses a mysterious character and his opponent tries to find out his identity by asking a series of “yes / no” questions.

If the whole family wants to give it a try, host a knockout tournament where the winners of each round compete against each other for the ultimate Guess Who? Champion. The game can be played from the age of six.

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5. Twister

This game is not for the inflexible guy. Players must assume and hold a series of challenging poses on the color-coded mat. There is no limit to the number of players, but more than four will “fit tight” according to Walmart. The game is recommended for ages six and up.

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Children play twister.
Children play twister.
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6. Candy Land

This nostalgic game lets players move their pawns along a “rainbow path” towards a castle to help a kidnapped king.

This version features gingerbread men as movers, colored cards, and various destinations like Cookie Commons and the chunky Chocolate Mountain. Since no reading is required to play, the game is suitable for people aged three and over.

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7. The game of life

In this family board game, players move through the “twists and turns of life” and gain experience, from family and career milestones to dream vacations. The player with the most money left on retirement wins the game. Suitable for people aged eight and over.

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8. Pandemic

According to Amazon, this real-time problem solver is “a really cooperative game in which you win or lose together”.

As the name suggests, players must work together to eradicate four diseases before it’s too late and “protect the world from outbreaks and epidemics” by finding a cure for these diseases. The game is recommended for ages eight and up.

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A family playing a board game.
A family playing a board game at a table.
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9. Sorry!

In this simple game the players have to try to move all of their pawns across the board from a starting point to a home position, sliding and colliding with the opponent’s pawns. If your pawn is bumped, “Sorry! It’s all the way back to the start!” to you. The game is recommended for ages six and up.

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10. Problems

Similar to Sorry! players in Trouble compete against each other in a race to get their pieces across the board. The goal is to get all four pieces around without being nudged and sent back to the beginning. Suitable for ages five and up.

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11. Notice

In the classic mystery board game, players have to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy in his own home. Players get closer to the truth by moving from room to room of the mansion and asking multiple questions. The game is recommended for people aged eight and over.

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Various board games in California.
A display of various board games played in San Anselmo, California on February 8th.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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Graph showing the impact of inflation on Thanksgiving.

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