Bainisteoir is a new exciting board game of Gaelic games that will allow you to achieve the glory of all of Ireland!


Bainisteoir is the ultimate test of your skills as a Gaelic Games manager.

With the unique transfer market of the Gaelic Games, can you build a team that will battle it out against other counties to achieve the glory of all of Ireland?

You need to manage your own finances and team selection as you plan your path to victory and overcome obstacles you will encounter along the way. Bainisteoir is a 2-4 player board game that is sure to entertain and challenge players.

In an interview with KCLR, James Fallon, one of the game’s co-creators, outlined the creation process of the game;

“It has been optimized and supplemented and adapted based on the feedback from the children. Me and Eanna (other co-creator) are both teachers. Our target group sat in front of us for years! They loved the idea of ​​swapping players so we introduced the idea of ​​a transfer crate. Even though it might not be that realistic in real life, the kids love it. “

“There’s a trading card element, you set up your 15 players and choose who will sit on the substitutes’ bench. Then you go up against the other manager. They told us that they love to beat the other Bainisteoir and win the All Ireland. “

Since I’m from the west of Ireland, weather conditions can be stormy to say the least. However, the tricky conditions seemed to give the impetus to develop an interactive game on site to keep the children occupied;

“The inspiration came from school breaks, we are based in the west, so it rains a lot. So children should be inside a lot. We just wanted to do something different, get them off the screens and chat. “

“We are overwhelmed by the reaction and response so far. We were very lucky to get feedback from the children. They told us what was good about the game and what they didn’t like! “

The game was recently featured on the Irish Times and the Late Late Toy Show!

If you would like to pick up a copy of the game yourself, you can pick it up at the Kilkenny Art ‘n’ Hobby Shop, Market Cross Shopping Center, or purchase it online from

Listen to the full interview below on Scoreline Extra.


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