The Newest Washington Game: Where’s Mark Kelly?


Do you remember the children’s book Where is Waldo ??? This incredibly popular series of books used to feature intricate pictures of children trying to find Waldo. Well, I have a straightforward analogue of Wo? S Waldo. It’s where is Mark Kelly ???

Who is Mark Kelly? Few people know. He happens to be a United States Senator from Arizona. He is up for re-election next year. He is also a retired astronaut and a retired captain in our Navy. And so we thank him for his service to his country.

As a Senator from Arizona, however, he qualifies for the ?? Who’s Waldo ?? Book series. Where’s Mark Kelly? In particular, where does Mark Kelly stand on President Biden’s $ 5 trillion spending, tax and Green New Deal bill, which, if passed, would be the most transformative bill since the Great Society?

Everyone is talking about the great government socialist Biden Bill. Every day it’s a top story in Washington and newscasts across the country. Everywhere people are asking: can this be stopped ??? Why do we need more inflationary spending? Why is this making our taxes even higher?

Why does he want to increase the price of oil and gasoline, that harms middle-income working families. Everyone is talking about this law, except for Mark Kelly. Nobody knows his position on the bill.

That’s because he hasn’t said a word about it in the past 8 months. Not a single word. This is a guy who is up for re-election, with a pretty shaky voter base. His Arizona colleague, Kyrsten Sinema, the senior state senator, had a lot to say about the Biden Act.

Senator Sinema has made it clear that she cannot vote for her right now because she is spending too much and taxing too much. Her polls in Arizona have skyrocketed because of her opposition.

You and Senator Joe Manchin are two moderate Democrats who oppose the extreme left progressives in the White House and Congress.

The whole country cheers them for pushing for a break well into next year. Ms. Sinema has massive support from Republicans and independents. Senator Waldo ?? I mean Senator Kelly? has shaky support, and only from Democrats.

Mr. Kelly tells people that he modeled himself after John McCain, but John McCain was an open guy about everything. McCain often opposed his own Republican Party. Mr. Kelly is not open to anything.

Nor has Mr. Kelly made a clear statement about this monstrosity of a socialist bill since taking office. At least we couldn’t find one. We looked everywhere. We checked his official Senate Twitter account, nothing. He has 103,000 followers, which is not a lot for a Senator.

To quote our good friend Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, “Mark Kelly has yet to take a specific public position on just about anything about the size, shape, or timing of the law … He might see the value of means testing, as well.” ? he trumpeted his support for a provision allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

In other words: socialism. And that’s all we know about him.

Given the unpopularity of Joe Biden’s socialist monstrosity of a bill, I’m going to suggest that next year Mr. Kelly will have a hell of a long time getting re-elected. I mean really, on a gigantic subject like this, where in blazes? is Waldo ??? So I have a thought: Save America, kill the bill.


From Mr. Kudlow’s show on Fox Business News. Image: Detail, via Amazon Books, of the cover of one of Martin Handford’s classic compendia that challenges readers to find Waldo.


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