Neutral venues could get two IPL games


Against the backdrop of some associations claiming that they have built infrastructure but are not getting international games to help them maintain their stadium, the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) is considering the possibility of two IPL games per team neutral locations from next season. The proposal was made by some national associations during the board’s annual general meeting in Kolkata on Saturday, and the associations want the board to ask IPL teams to play at least two games at a time in different locations.

The issue came to the fore after the BCCI instructed the state associations to set up an infrastructure that the board would help them financially. Some associations indicated that they had the necessary infrastructure but were not getting any games. Currently, each association is allowed to host at least one international game within a period of three years as part of the rotation policy of the board. But given the large number of international stadiums in the country, 24 in the last count, there are few matches in many of the venues.

Smaller associations often bear the brunt of the burden. “Every three or sometimes four years a small association organizes international games,” emphasized a BCCI official with regard to anonymity. “The BCCI wants each association to build its own stadium and infrastructure. Some national associations have argued that they have built stadiums and will not get competitive games. Better if the BCCI decides to have IPL games in these smaller venues as well, so they can generate revenue while generating interest [among the locals],” he said.

Past incidents

In the past, some IPL franchises had assigned games to smaller venues. Punjab Kings played their games in Dharamshala and Indore. Delhi Capitals have played in Raipur and Chennai Super Kings have moved the games to Ranchi, the hometown of their talisman MS Dhoni.

Since two new IPL teams will play in the IPL from next season, some associations are of the opinion that the BCCI should oblige IPL teams to play in neutral locations. “From next season there will be 10 IPL teams. If these ten teams decide to play two games each, 20 games can be played at a neutral location. It will help the states to generate income and at the same time also help the national associations. The Indian board of directors has told us that they will look into this and talk to the IPL franchise, ”said a member of the national association.

Retired Judge Chairman of the Committee

The board reached out to a retired Chief Justice to consider the acquisition of the Ahmedabad franchise by CVC Capital Partners, one of two new teams in the next edition, a few weeks ago.

CVC Capital allegedly has ties to a betting company that the board only became aware of after the team acquired the franchise. CVC Capital Partners appears to have ties to Tipico, a sports betting and online gaming company, and Sisal, a betting gaming and payments, consumer / retail company.

The board of directors has not given CVC a letter of intent and the fate of the franchise rests in the hands of the retired judge. The Indian board of directors had published a tender process, in which it was about offers for its two new franchises. While Sanjiv Goenka’s company won the bid in Lucknow, CVC won the bid for Ahmedabad.


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