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NEW YORK, Dec 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire2021 was a landmark year for Cardano blockchain as it releases its next phase of decentralized infrastructure that will change the world forever. As supporters of the Cardano Project know, CEO Charles Hoskinson has made it his personal goal to “finance the bank without a bank account” and has a personal mission to change the fate of the 1.2 billion people who live in Africa. Accompanied by Cardano on this incredible mission are a number of high profile projects, two of which are heavyweights, Cornucopias and Tingo International Holdings – majority shareholders of Tingo Inc (OTC: IWBB) which recently acquired Tingo Mobile PLC in Nigeria – have come together to form one Build extremely strong partnership focused on growing the economy of the West African country of Nigeria.

Tingo has already made a significant social impact in Nigeria with its unique rural community based business model. Tingo has 10 million customers, mostly Nigerians, who work in the all-important agricultural sector, and they all have cell phones.

Tingo is a mission-driven company committed to becoming Africa’s leading agri-fintech player by transforming rural farming communities to connect and access one through a unique device-as-a-service model offer a comprehensive ecosystem that covers all their needs, from inputs, agronomy, off-take, fintech and digital agricultural marketplace that provides customers with sustainable income in an effective way.

Dr. Chris Cleverly, President of Tingo said:
“Axie Infinity grew 19,000% in less than 12 months to a market cap of $ 7.5 billion. Forty percent of Axie players live in the Philippines. Tingo has nearly 10 million smartphone subscribers in Nigeria, which is estimated to have over 20 million active e-gamers. We believe that ‘Play to Earn’ and ‘Learn to Earn’ in Nigeria will be a huge draw to compete with Axie in the Philippines. ”

Cornucopias shares the same vision as Charles Hoskinson and is more than one of those average metaverse projects that pop up all over the place. Cornucopias is extensively researched and has positioned itself to combine technologies that not only result in an amazing play-to-earn game, but also combine build-to-earn and learn-to-earn features, which is what Cornucopias leads to do one of the first projects that really understand it and use the power of the metaverse. This will allow land, parcel, and other NFT assets to be truly owned by actual players in a decentralized world, rather than large corporate dinosaurs.

The strategic partnership between Cornucopias and Tingo aims to realize Charles Hoskinson’s vision by bringing Cornucopias “The Island” play-to-earn mobile phone mini-games to Tingo’s 10 million customers, based on Cardano blockchain.

Global gaming revenue was $ 174 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $ 314 billion by 2026.

Earlier, the Minister for Youth and Sport, Mr. Sunday Dare said: “We are working on a plan that will for the first time spawn an industry-based sports policy that will turn sport into business. We are about to introduce e-gaming sports in Nigeria. It is best suited for the post-COVID-19 period. It’s a $ 13 billion deal worldwide. “

There are over 20 million players in Nigeria, and mobile game gaming revenue is projected to be around $ 126 million in 2023.

This partnership will allow existing Tingo customers to install a growing number of mini-games being developed by the Cornucopias team.

The unique mini-games are fully integrated into the Main Cornucopias Metaverse and can be downloaded and played by all mobile phone users in Nigeria and the rest of the world as previously seen. Players can enjoy the play-to-earn rewards in a fun, safe, and enjoyable environment.

Cornucopias ‘development team works closely with Tingo, which updates its customers’ 10 million and growing mobile devices every three years to ensure the mini-games work on as many mobile phones in Nigeria as possible.

Cornucopia’s CEO Rob Greig comments on the partnership:
“When we set out to develop the free play-to-earn Cornucopias Metaverse, our vision was to enable gamers of all ages, backgrounds and skills to benefit from our technology and create a new world in which gaming, Education, community, and personal growth are possible flourish in a secure, evolving, all-encompassing metaverse. Our partnership with Tingo is extremely exciting as it enables us to take big steps towards achieving our goals. “

The play-to-earn mobile phone mini-games are just the first of many initiatives that Cornucopias will partner with Tingo. More amazing announcements are coming soon.

Josh Jones, CMO of Cornucopias says:
“Cornucopias will create a learn-to-earn program aimed at Tingo customers with a focus on coding, blockchain, DeFi, IOT, UX / UI design, etc., but also includes agrotechnology, agriculture and farming. We see innovation in education as a crucial part of adding value in the Metaverse and want to use existing partnerships to create added value for Tingo customers. “

The Metaverse won’t be built overnight, and both Cornucopias and Tingo are showing how partnerships with different technologies can combine to transform the lives of millions of people with blockchain technology.

About cornucopia

Cornucopias’ “The Island” is a massive blockchain-based earn, build-to-earn, and learn-to-earn game that involves players with land, land, and other NFT-based ones. Be rewarded and / or own assets of real value, all by playing games in a fun and safe metaverse.

“The Island” combines gaming with real-world commerce, giving traditional and e-commerce businesses the opportunity to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods and services to an inaccessible audience that they may never have had access to before.

“The Island” is based on the Unreal 5 game engine, which is compatible with PC, mobile phone, game consoles and smart TVs and is operated, managed and continuously developed thanks to a growing number of communities including Blockchain, Unreal Game. 3D artists and modelers and general game enthusiasts.

About Tingo International Holdings

Tingo is a one-of-a-kind agro-fintech company that uses smartphones to provide a marketplace that enables 10 million subscribers to manage their commercial activities to grow and sell their products to market participants. The ecosystem offers one One stop shop Solution that allows subscribers to manage everything from top-ups of airtime, billing services for utilities and other service providers, access to insurance services, and microfinance to support their value chain from Seeds for sale.

Tingo has two innovative platforms: Nwassa, Africa’s first ecosystem for digital agriculture, and Tingo Pay, a mobile payment gateway. Tingo International Holdings is the majority shareholder of Tingo Inc (OTC Markets: IWBB), which owns 100% of Tingo Mobile PLC in Nigeria. The company recently agreed to acquire Coinfield, a leading European crypto exchange that operates in 198 countries.

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