Minerva Zim Open bring back the old chess guard


The Herald

Sports reporter Takudzwa Chitsiga

After spending four years on the sidelines after retiring in 2016, veteran chess player Heath Darare will make an emotional return at the 2021 Minerva Zimbabwe Open Chess tournament, which begins today in Joina City, Harare.

The veteran player who focused on his studies believes he still has what it takes to give his opponents a good run at this tournament.

During his playing days, Darare won the Harare Juniors in 1995, the chess league with Glen Norah Gunners, a bronze medal at the University Games in 2013 and won several Grand Prix as well as the overall Grand Prix winner.

The 37 year old Harare player saw it all in the sport but after some frustration and the need to develop himself through education, had ended a day in the sport he loves so much.

“I think this will be my comeback moment after I retired four years ago. Playing again brings a lot of memories, tension, but also fear, considering that I’m making a comeback in a big tournament. I feel like I still have a few things to do before I retire, so I can still play for two to three years.

“I wanted to come back to the Easter Open next year, but I thought I could get a feeling again this early and build up my strength.

“I focused on getting my Masters and now that I’ve made it I can focus on my game. It’s been a long time since I’ve played across the board, ”said Darare.

Darare is expected to move up in the Open category of the Zimbabwe Open, which has generated so much interest from professional and league players.

Darare says he has followed chess from the sidelines and has not lost touch with developments in the sport.

“I was still in constant contact with the development of the sport and followed the recent World Cup with great interest.

“As someone who has won multiple titles like the Harare Open, multiple national titles, and the Grand Prix that we used to play, I hope I’m still capable.

“I’ve played a lot of online games in the past and I’m happy that the Zimbabwe Open is back. We missed those times when we would fight each other and help each other develop as players, ”added Darare. added

The 2021 Minerva Zim Open Chess tournament has generated so much interest from players across the country and will be a battle for supremacy across all three categories.

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