7 board games to play with the family for Christmas


Christmas Day wouldn’t be complete without family fun playing a board game.

From funny charade attempts to competitive table flipping monopoly Losses, there’s so much excitement.

Not to mention it Board games are great for families with mixed ages and bring us closer after difficult times.

If you get together for Christmas, here’s a selection of the best board games to try out – with old favorites and new additions.


You can see that small box full of cards and wonder how this game could possibly cause Board game for Christmas Chaos?

But be warned, it is addicting and competitive game which tests your speed, observation and reflexes.

There are five different play options – all for groups of 2 to 8 people.

The rules of Dobble See how players compete with each other to find the matching symbol between one card and another.

You can find it via the Tesco website for £ 12 – or £ 10 with a club card.

Dobble is recommended for ages three and up.

Dobble – Harry Potter Edition

the Harry Potter Edition by Dobble is not only a fantastic update to the original game, but also a great stocking filler.

Perfect for Harry Potter Fans who love to play games will find cards covered Illustrations by Harry, Hermione and Ron, Wands and creatures, the houses of Hogwarts and more.

You can buy them Dobble – Harry Potter Edition to adjust via the Zatu Games website for € 10.49, now on sale.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition game

A new take on the classic trivial pursuit game, you can bring the whole family to one festive quiz battle and learn some cool facts.

the Family edition of Trivial Pursuit is ideal for children aged 8-10 years.

the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition game is currently in the Board game sales for entertainers – now € 29.99.

Cluedo Lost in Vegas Game

For families with older children or groups of adults looking for board game fun, Cluedo has reissued the classic game with the Lost in Vegas edition.

Note: what happened last night? Lost in Vegas asks you to find out what was in Vegas last night – and you can’t remember much from the night before.

Your friend Buddy is missing and you have to find him before your flight home.

the Cluedo Lost in Vegas Game – currently in the Entertainer Sale for £ 16 – recommended for ages 16+.

Monopoly – classic board game

While it is now Monopoly board Spin-offs, you can’t beat them original Monopoly board game.

Grab your top hat or Scottie dog and tour some of London’s most famous streets.

Even better, there are no confusing rules to learn and everyone knows how to play.

The entertainer currently sells the original Monopoly board game for £ 19.20 under his Sale of board games.

The family board game Chase

For quiz fans, test your family’s knowledge and adopt it The hunt in your living room.

Based on the iconic TV game show, this fun Board game Contains an electronic timer, money tokens, a game board, player pieces and two stacks of question cards.

The entertainer sells the Chase Family board game for € 19.20 on sale.

You can also use the Tipping Point Electronic family game via the entertainer website.

Deluxe bingo game

bingo Conquers the hearts of young and old – you have the chance to announce ‘Legs Eleven’ and be the caller at home.

It’s fun for all ages and is a proven family favorite.

You get 40% discount on the Deluxe bingo game via the entertainer website, now 15 €.


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