Will the Gotham Knights release date be postponed again?


Gotham Knights is a highly anticipated game for DC fans, but its release date could be further off if its marketing campaign is any indication.

Gotham Knights is just one of DC’s upcoming video games, but its release date could be postponed again. This Gotham-set game will take place shortly after Batman’s death and will therefore result in his Bat family continuing on their mission and maintaining his legacy. Players play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood as they take on Gotham’s Court of Owls. In a bat versus owl chess game, Batman is sorely missed, although some theorize that Batman could be Gotham Knights’ Villain. After all, off-screen deaths usually feel suspicious.

Little known about Gotham Knights makes an early release date of 2022 seem unlikely. DC and Marvel games like this one can sometimes feel like they don’t need a lot of information because they’re based on comic material – and therefore many plot points remain the same, or at least similar – but a lot of potential gamers will likely get more than the four playable ones Characters in the game want to know before spending money on it. The motive and goals of Court of Owl remain unclear, and neither has much research into Gotham Knight’s gameplay. Gotham’s five factions in Gotham Knight however, are well known, which means that players can expect a semi-open world rather than a fully open world.


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Gotham Knights’ The release date is largely questionable as little is known about it despite the approaching year of release – but that’s not the only reason. Other DC games, by comparison, have known a lot more about it. Key is here Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which should also be published for 2022. Although both games are slated to be released in the next year, only one of those games is seeing a big marketing boost. Furthermore, Gotham Knights just received a story trailer at the DC FanDome event in October 2021. This left the players with more questions, such as how? Gotham Knights’ Red Hood was revived.

Gotham Knights doesn’t have the same marketing push as Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2022)

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League continues Batman: Arkham Series of video games and sees the title-giving team of villains in a fight against the Justice League. This time around, however, the Justice League is controlled by comic book favorite Brainiac, who has just come to earth for a mysterious purpose. Like Gotham Knights, this game has 4 playable characters – Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark – and they can be controlled and switched freely. However, Suicide squad Shooter mechanics are already under fire based on pre-release footage.

While it is unfortunate that some of Suicide squad Mechanics seem crude so far, it’s at least a positive that fans have seen this footage from the game. Gotham KnightsOn the other hand, much less gameplay and footage have been released. In the meantime, Suicide squadThe gameplay trailer shows how the player can fly around on the Metropolis-based map after being instructed to kill Flash as it is under the control of Brainiac. Fans even already know that Suicide squad King Shark eats people in this game just as it does in its source material and this year’s film directed by James Gunn.

Eventually, Gotham Knights’ The release date could be delayed because players seem to know next to nothing about it. At least Suicide squad will be published beforehand Gotham Knightswhich can be seen from the game’s stronger marketing push and how fans simply saw more of it. At this rate, it’s likely that the game will be a 2022 holiday release instead, giving ample time for the game’s developers and marketers to complete all of their preparations. Only then could fans see the pros and cons of Batman’s death Gotham Knights.

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