Sonic Frontiers looks cool, but where is Sonic Mania 2?


Long awaited and still incredibly mysterious Sonic Frontiers is the newest main game starring Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog. Although much is still unknown about the long-suspected game, it is the next big 3D entry in the series that could have both advantages and disadvantages. For as exciting as Limits It looks like another 3D game might not be what Sonic needs to stabilize the franchise’s reception.

Sega has tried a myriad of different ideas for 3D sound over the years, but none of them have come anywhere near as celebrated as the 2D entries in the franchise. In fact, the best 3D sound Games are in some way related to classic side scrollers. Here’s a closer look at why Sega should perhaps have waited Limits and prioritized instead Sonic Mania 2 or a similar game.

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Sonic continued to fidget in 3D

Sonic made his big leap into the third dimension with Sonic adventure, although more pedantic fans might argue Sonic 3D Blast. Even though adventure and its sequel were well received, struggling to bring the fun of the franchise into 3D. It just went downhill from then on, with the 3D games getting worse and worse. This eventually culminated in such terrible titles as Shadow the hedgehog and all the more terrible Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

The main problem with a lot of these games is that they didn’t benefit from what the 2D games did, with the gameplay’s focus on speed being the only real similarity. In addition, the jump into 3D brought all sorts of programming and mechanical problems with it. Many of these titles were full of glitches, bugs, and other technical issues that were more at home in shovelware games in the Dollar Shop than in Sega’s mascot franchise. After a spate of mediocre to terrible games, the sound The star of the franchise more than fell years ago, and even die-hard fans have doubts about giving an experimental new 3D game a fair chance. However, there is still a path that is pretty much a surefire path to success for the hedgehog.

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Side scrolling 2D Sonic Games are still the franchise’s crown jewel

Sonic the Hedgehog rescues Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel in Sonic Mania Encore DLC

When people think more positively of Sonic the Hedgehog, they think back to the classic 2D side scrolling games on the Sega Genesis and other classic consoles. These games are considered classics for good reason as they stood out from the platformer crowd at the time to create an experience that combined platform, pinball, and pure, exhilarating speed. Because this formula is still so popular, Sonic has mania, a modern game in the style of those Genesis-era titles, was a resounding hit with fans and critics alike. That is worth mentioning mania, a fan-made game that eventually entered Segas’ official anniversary celebration, was a far bigger critical and financial hit than the middle thing Sound forces, a 3D game that flopped at dealers.

The second, that Sonic Mania as big as it was, Sega should have sped up a sequel or other game in the same direction. Many fans want to rethink these old levels in a new way, and a Sonic Mania 2 would be a great way to keep the 16-bit feel and aesthetic alive. Likewise 2D side scrolling sound Games that are generally loved far more than almost any 3D game don’t need to get stuck with this retro aesthetic. Even as Sonic’s 3D games kept getting worse, he still had several great side-scrolling spinoffs, ironically on handhelds from former Sega rival Nintendo. the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush Games on the GBA and DS were 2D / 2.5D sidescrollers like the classic games, but they weren’t 16-bit or nostalgic like Sonic Mania. A big budget version could be the way to go in the future for keeping the franchise close to its successful roots while still keeping it modern.

The aesthetics could remain 3D and dispense with pixelated or old-school graphics. Instead, the game could flop modernity sound Designs and voice actors for a game in which the levels are exclusively on a two-dimensional plane. Nevertheless, a modern and therefore “important” tone could be retained without having to forego what the franchise has previously made successful in order to remain relevant. So far, however, there has not been a word about a project like this, be it one mania Continuation or simply a compilation of the Advance payment or Hurry up Games. Sega seems to be hedging their bets on what’s ahead Sonic Frontier a hit, but when it unfortunately follows the path of the other 3D sound Games should consider holding onto its past to enable Sonic to have a prosperous future.

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