Pokémon-themed chess variant lets the pieces fight


A Pokémon fanatic combined combat mechanics from early Pokémon games with chess so that pieces can battle for the ability to stay on the board.

A creative one Pokémon Fan has developed a digital chess game that Pokémon Combat mechanics from the early games. infusion Pokémon Gameplay in various games is popular with both the modding community and indie developers. Turn-based battles allow players to employ interesting strategies, and these mechanics add an intriguing flair to a digital chess game.

When creating Pokémon-thematic mods or personal projects, many fans often resort to the classic graphics and 2D pixel art style rather than using concepts from newer games in the series. This is because the earlier games like Pokémon red, blue, and yellow are iconic for most fans of the series, and the older mechanics were compared to the 3D models and complex combat elements in titles like. simple Pokémon sword and shieldmaking them easier to recreate. The older games were also ported to newer consoles and made available unofficially via Game Boy emulators for the PC, making the code accessible for copying and using in other projects.


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ONE Pokémon Fan named veskei on Reddit has developed a unique digital chess game as a personal project. While the simple top-down chessboard resembles what many would expect in a game of this nature, things take a surprising turn when one piece moves to capture another. The board flashes like a wild Pokémon encounter before the player leads to a mini-game in which the pieces have to compete against each other in order to stay on the board. The fight looks just like a classic fight, but instead of Pokémon being thrown out to fight, the pieces must be squared. Players have a menu on the side with options for fighting, running, accessing a bag, or viewing other Pokémon, but in the video only the “Combat” option is considered usable. The Strike or Block parts, lower an HP bar in each corner of the screen.

See the original post on Reddit here.

The inclusion of Pokémon Combat mechanics in a game like chess could inspire other casual developers to use similar mechanics in other projects. ONE Pokémon Battle could be used as a mini game in games like Minesweeperwhere a bomb explosion leads to a humorous argument between a player and an angry bomb sprite. It could also be a. to be added Tetris, with certain lined up colors that create a side fight between block types. These can give a points bonus if the player wins or end the game if he loses.

It might also be interesting to see a gigantamax form of a chess pawn in this fun mini-game. The creator could design a 2D Gigantamax sprite for a King, Queen or Knight piece that would give them an over the top look and fun new move like Smash or Conquer. The inclusion of this Pokémon Mechanics make a simple development project not only fun, but also humorous to share online with friends and other players.

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Source: veskei / Reddit

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