The COVID-19 mayhem across the EFL that has resulted in postponements, lost income and transparency issues – The Athletic


The English Football League threatens an unwanted milestone when a new year begins in uncertain times.

The coming weeks will almost certainly bring a century of games postponed due to COVID-19 after the festive program was shot to pieces across all three divisions.

There are 88 postponements and counted at halftime of the season, already more than the 73 games that were canceled during the 2020-21 season. Omicron has arrived and has brought seasons to a standstill for at least some clubs.

“We’re doing as much as we can to play the games because that’s what every club wants to do,” said Julian Tagg, CEO of Exeter City, whose team hasn’t played in the second division since December 11th hat was easy for many clubs. It’s by no means an easy time. “

Ian Mather, CEO of League One Cambridge United, agrees. “There comes a point where you just don’t have the players. At the moment it’s about just getting by. “

In contrast to the Premier League, which has played 70 percent of the games since Christmas, the EFL has fallen on its knees in the past fourteen days due to COVID-19 outbreaks. Only 43 of the planned 108 festive games were played as planned, with a variable disruption scale.

The championship managed to play 18 games while League One kept 16. In the second division, however, the problems were greatest. Only nine out of 36 games – a quarter – were played in the last three rounds on the calendar.

New Years Day has already made more sacrifices to add to the backlog in 2022, and none is likely to have it harder than Wigan Athletic.


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