10 New Years chess resolutions


It’s the “New Years, New Me” season and everyone is obsessed with an optimistic and hopeful spirit. From weight loss to doctoral degrees, the New Year’s goal list overwhelmingly contains all kinds of desires and dreams.

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Chess players have their own special list for Chess Resolutions of the Year, but for those still in the process of planning their next steps, we’re here to help!

Solve at least 1 tactical problem per day

Tactics will sharpen your mind and make you more efficient and accurate in a game of chess. One tactic per day is 365 tactics at the end of the year!

Become an expert in pawn endgame

Pawn endings are fundamental to understanding any endgame. They also give you the flexibility to evaluate every possibility of transitioning from middlegame to pawn ending.

Finally learn to checkmate with a bishop and a knight

Although it is an elementary endgame, the checkmate of bishop and knight has its complexity and needs to be studied seriously. Take the time necessary to not only learn, but do it in less than 90 ”!

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Read at least 6 new chess books

Chess books are a great source of information and are definitely very important for chess players of all levels. Books not only teach you knowledge, they also guide you to apply it in your own games.

Find chess friends who hold you responsible for your chess goals

Chess has many enthusiasts and friends of the sport. Find your own, discuss with them, study and play together to make it easier for you to achieve your chess goals. Join our community and connect!

Get or increase your online rating

The FIDE online rating is like a normal FIDE rating, but online! To get it and improve it, you don’t have to travel the world and take part in official offline tournaments. Instead, play online and compete in FOA rated online tournaments and earn FIDE recognized online titles.

Get your title online and share your story

FOA gives you the opportunity to become an online grandmaster! You get your FΟΑ ID and compete with other members all over the world. When you receive a title, you can share your story with our entire community.

Learn a new opening with white and black

There are many players who become so obsessed with openings that they rely on studying them for all of their training. But actually, grandmasters don’t suggest this unless you’ve reached a certain level.

Play and analyze

Playing without analysis can prove to be a tremendous waste of learning opportunities. Play and practice online in the FIDE Online Arena.

Check out every major tournament

2022 has some important events not to be missed. Tata Steel 2022, Grand Prix Series, the candidates and many more will be broadcast at https://chessarena.com/broadcasts. Don’t miss them as they will teach you how elite players think!

The whole team from World Chess and the FIDE Online Arena wishes a happy new year


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