Flyer instructions for arriving and parking fans for Saturday’s game


The Philadelphia Flyers organization released the following parking and traffic statement for Saturday night’s game against the San Jose Sharks at the Wells Fargo Center, which will coincide with the Eagles’ home game against Dallas. Flyers puck drop is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and Eagle’s kick off is 8:15 p.m. All of the Wells Fargo Center lots are reserved for fans attending the Flyers game. Fans must show their Flyers tickets to park in a parking lot at the Wells Fargo Center and normal rate will be charged. Wells Fargo Center tickets open at 4:00 PM

All fans attending the Eagles game are instructed to use lots M / N / P (opening at 1:15 p.m.), Lots QX (opening at 1:15 p.m.) or Lot K (reserved park opening at 3:00 p.m.) 30 a.m.). Anyone holding a prepaid Eagles parking pass for Wells Fargo Center Lots AG should use their existing pass to park in lots M, N, P or QX.

“We expect extremely heavy traffic in and around the stadium district this Saturday, with both Flyers and Eagles playing in the evening. We tried to avoid a scheduling conflict with an NFL Saturday game, but unfortunately it couldn’t happen. Also the fans should plan a lot here. ” Transport, arrive as early as possible and either pay for parking in advance or take public transport if possible. “

Flyer fans should also prepay for parking by clicking Here.


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