Massive Minecraft Tatooine Build features podracing and Jabba’s palace


In one incredibly massive build, one Minecraft gamer spent an entire year creating a fully explorable map of Tatooine with all of the iconic locations on it.

In an incredible feat of endurance and exertion, a Minecraft Player has every notable place from the war of stars Planet Tatooine in-game, from the podracing track to Jabba’s palace. Tatooine was a hugely important location in war of stars History since the original film, because this is where the main protagonist of the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker, grows up. The characters experience many adventures on this planet throughout the course of the films, including the prequels, because in Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker also grew up as a child. Aside from film opinions, there are many unique and exciting places to discover in this world.


Minecraft incredible creativity is not alien to, such as the amazing creations shown in Minecraftrecent expansion; Caves & Cliffs. Minecraft offers so much freedom that players can do virtually anything, including designing their own homes, creating still images that are true works of art, and recreating incredibly lifelike real-world locations. Tatooine may not be a real place, but there are enough media samples for someone to faithfully recreate a large portion of it.

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This incredible build was published by vistaless on the Minecraft subreddit to thunderous applause from other users and shows over a dozen screenshots of many iconic locations. The creator says they spent all of 2021 creating this map of Tatooine, and since they also claim the map spans a square seven thousand by seven thousand blocks, it’s no surprise. Of the many images Vistachess shared of their creation are iconic places like the Podrace Track by The phantom menace, Jabba’s palace Return of the Jedi, and even the humble moisture farm Luke Skywalker grew up on were all included.

Minecraft Tatooine Jabba sailing barge

You can find the full post on Reddit here.

Many other users immediately asked in the comments for a way to explore this world for themselves. Some even hoped this could become a multiplayer map with dozens of players simultaneously exploring and fighting for the desert sands. Unfortunately, vistachess stated that it is currently only a single player experience as the time and resources it would take to run this server for multiplayer would be just too much. Minecraft Builds have changed a lot over the years, from individual structures to huge landscapes, and this formidable Tatooine build is no exception.

Minecraft has consistently set the standard for a creative open world crafting game, and the creativity of many of its players shows that it sets the standard for video game art as well. Since its release over a decade ago Minecraft still does what other sandbox games don’t: offer its players limitless possibilities. The sheer scope and openness of Minecraft is what keeps it relevant to so many players and builders, and is likely to remain relevant for years to come. There aren’t many other games that give a player complete freedom to recreate an entire fictional planet.

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Source: vistachess / Reddit

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