The best bedtime gifts for travelers


Perhaps this Valentine’s Day invites you to a weekend getaway with your loved one. You might want to take a road trip to explore the great outdoors or fly to a place you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe a stay is just the thing for romance. And to ensure the well-being and mental ease of your partner, surprise him this year with gifts that are inspired by home comfort. Whether you’re out and about, in the air, or on a trail, here are the best bedtime gifts for travelers.

Create a romantic playlist

Create the perfect bedtime playlist and give your partner the ergonomically calculated one Earin A — 3 headphones. Slim in design and light, these headphones offer the perfect listening experience. In addition, you do not have to determine which bud is intended for the right and which for the left ear – the automatic placement technology takes care of it itself Listen to the playlist non-stop while preparing for a good night’s sleep.

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Relax by journaling

Long car journeys or long stays in a hotel room often require introspection. A quality journal would make an excellent gift in this case. Your loved one can rest and relax before bed by recording the day’s events, travel ideas for a bucket list, or thank you notes in a well-made, tangible diary. Magazines and stationery from Sugar paper are made from the best durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel.

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Moisturize at night

Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your nightly facial routines. AHAVA, originating near the Dead Sea, makes the most luxurious products that are GMO, parabens and phthalate free and will keep your skin hydrated while you grab your well deserved Z’s. The Apple of My Eye travel bag contains an advanced deep wrinkle cream, a night wrinkle mask and a lip wrinkle treatment. The products smell delicious and are the perfect size to take with you wherever you go.

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Pack comfortable lounge and nightwear

Packable and super comfortable, Fresh clean teas are as practical as they are colorful, no matter where you spend your vacation. Choose from a variety of styles including crew necks, v-necks, tall t-shirts, henley’s or long sleeves, and subscribe to your favorite t-shirts in constant rotation. The Winter Essentials Five-Pack, which is available in five different colors, fits a wide range of body sizes. Take the guesswork out of outfit planning and packing, these t-shirts go with everything and are practical too. Wear it while lounging in the hotel room, falling asleep in the passenger seat, or exploring the great outdoors.

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Drink your favorite tea at bedtime

If you know that your loved ones have a favorite type of tea, surprise them with a made-to-measure Traveller’s can from The Republic of Tea. Choose from herbal, green or black teas, which are available in easily stowable tins and are perfect for on the go. Throw in your hand luggage or backpack and you’re good to go. Your loved ones can have a hot cup of tea at night or as part of their bedtime. Rest assured, the flavors are delicious and the products are well-rated.

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Practice self-care while you are out and about

If yoga is part of your daily routine at home or your nightly relaxation routine, why not continue self-care when you are out and about? Leggings from make a great gift for the fitness guru on your list WVN. The Renew Legging is available in four different colors and goes well with the Just Right Camisole. These comfortable and durable items will quickly become your must-have workout essentials when traveling. Pair it with warmer outer layers when you’re out and about, or take off your outfit while relaxing in your hotel room or heated vehicle. Or, if you prefer, they can be used as lounge or nightwear. Comfortable, affordable, and stylish, you will likely want more than one pair.

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Warm up while on the move

Traveling in the winter months often struggles with colder temperatures. Sierra designs, Experts in the outdoor area, has developed a versatile and packable mobile mummy that is ideal for travel. With arm and foot holes, this portable sleeping bag is great for walking around and comfortably warm while exploring or relaxing. Some might say that it is the most stylish and colorful coat that one can wear. Lazing around in the mobile mummy by the evening fire or traveling at night – it is the perfect safety blanket like in a picture book.

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Turn off the screens

Valentine’s Day is best celebrated together instead of hanging on a screen. Why not give your loved one a board game and then play together while traveling? Asmodee makes the best games that not only challenge you but also provide endless hours of high quality entertainment. Unlock! Escape Adventures, for example, is a perfect cooperative game for anyone who loves escape rooms. In this exciting timed game, try to solve a puzzle using the clues provided. Other fun partner games include Optimistic? and Only one.

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Customize your partner

Who cares what other people think? Give your partner a matching sleeping set and then buy one yourself. Topics to think about makes nightwear from organic cotton that is both stylish and comfortable. You’ll want to carry these from the bedroom to the car to the plane to the store. The Invincible Fleece Pullover Crew and the matching Invincible Fleece Jogger are available in different colors and sizes for women and men.

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