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I like chess and poetry. Are they that far apart? I would argue NxQ has a royal ring, rhythm and empty rhyme.

What’s new in my chess world? I play online at chessbymessage.com (challenge me if you want to lose) and once you sign up anyone in the world can invite you to play. I mostly play with friends, but occasionally a challenge will come out of the blue from someone you don’t know from who knows where.

My current challenger has an interesting name. It may be from Norton, but a google search only found someone by that name in Prague, Czech Republic. Judging by the times the trains are made, that may be true.

I’ve been playing chess since I went to the Boys Club in my hometown, where if a piece was missing, and it always was, they replaced it with a nickel from your pocket or a piece of chalk. It was a rough neighborhood, but we played chess—and billiards with sawn-off broomsticks.

I played on chess teams in junior high, by mail with prisoners at Walpole, in person with a Scotsman in a kilt, and at home on my favorite board with my grandchildren. But electronic chess is now and I can play anywhere from my laptop, my iPad or my phone. Yes, I learned not to take strategic and important steps from barstools.

Poetry is another thing I’ve been doing since I learned to write. A school friend typed my doodles because a typewriter was way too high tech for the household I grew up in.

I published a few poems in college and community literary magazines and later published three anthologies at my own expense. I even won a poetry grant from a national poetry foundation, but used it to buy my first VW bus rather than further my poetry education.

Now I’m actually teaching a three-part poetry seminar for the Attleboro Y, and it’s been fun. Maybe they’ll do it again.

But is there anything more poetic than PxR#…?

sermon on Saturday

“If two businessmen always agree, one is unnecessary.”

– William Wrigley Jr.

Doesn’t it drive you insane…

The Tramp’s new media tech group will trade as DWAC for Digital World Acquisitions. I think it should be DWHACKO.


“Choked on my coffee reading the first sentence of today’s paper!” writes Cheryle Reidel of last week’s column. “Thought WHAT??? Ha ha, should have known you were joking. Keep writing, look forward to your column every week.”

“I love your quote from last week’s Yellowstone, one of our favorite shows,” writes Colleen Vandeventer. “And I’m so glad you clarified your ‘lifelong conservative’ statement. Moderate would have been my first guess, but Liberal is probably the most accurate.”

So you are so smart…

Last week I bet you couldn’t tell me which company is worth more than Walmart, Disney, Netflix, Nike, Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, IBM and Ford – combined..

My Answer: Apple is now signing up with $3 trillion. Getting It Right were Bert H., Kathy H., Ken D., Ron K., John D., Al F., and Judi R.

Incorrect answers included Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Ali Baba, and Berkshire Hathaway.

“My company’s presence is worth a lot more than all these other companies combined,” writes The Quipper, Terrence O.

Well, I bet you can’t tell me what these three phrases have in common: 1) never odd or even, 2) one man, one plan, one canal, Panama, and 3) Lisa Bonet didn’t eat basil. The closing date is Tuesday afternoon.

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