10 board games that are better if you’re an adult


Family board game nights often evoke extreme boredom or outright confusion. In the past, trying to keep up with adults took such a large percentage of mental capacity that it was almost impossible to truly enjoy the board game.

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As an adult, revisiting favorites with family or friends can be a whole different experience. Adulthood often brings a new perspective and understanding of strategy and general knowledge that a younger player without time and patience cannot expect. This can massively improve the gameplay of a variety of board games.

10 Monopoly involves the worries of adults

classic monopoly board

With an economics topic monopoly is a board game that everyone played when they were young and no one had any idea what was going on until they got older. Released 87 years ago, this longboard game aimed to promote an economy that encouraged the accumulation of wealth. Named for dominance in a single market, the monopoly, players aim to bankrupt each other by buying real estate. The constant give and take of money for rent and taxes should be all too familiar to adult gamers. With so many spin-offs, players have the option to play in a local town or favorite fictional world.

9 Scrabble is easier with a larger vocabulary

Scrabble board with a stack of letters

This word-based board game only improves as players grow up. The object of scrabble is to get the highest score, spelling words in crossword style, with dotted letters and special squares on the board that can double or triple the score of single letters or whole words.

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With larger vocabulary and better spelling skills scrabble is much more comfortable as an adult. Additionally, with a clear understanding of the game, players can set up their own house rules to spice things up.

8th Trivial Pursuit is for adults

classic Trivial Pursuit board, figures and cards

Play Trivial Pursuit as a child is a guessing game. Having an all-round knowledge when players are just starting out in life is unlikely unless they answer the questions tailored for children. The goal is to get around the board collecting different colored pieces of the pie by correctly answering the answers for each category: Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Recreation. Adult players are more likely to have a broad knowledge of at least a few of the categories available.

7 Pictionary is more fun when the drawings make sense

complete pictorial board game

In pictorial, players must reach the end of the board. Points are scored when players correctly guess what others are drawing. In the “All Play” area, two players from each team must draw at the same time, creating a race to guess the picture as quickly as possible. Unless a younger player is a child prodigy, it’s doubtful their drawing skills can match those of older family members or friends. The consequences of this are hours trying to figure out what the drawing even is, let alone what it represents. This game is more fun as an adult when most people’s drawing skills are mediocre but mostly decipherable.

6 Risk is for the experienced

Risk board game with drinks in the background

strategy board game risk is all about the nuances of conquest, having launched in 1957. This can lead to long games that can even last for days to achieve the goal of conquering the world (or board) and eliminating all players. This diplomacy and conflict board game requires time and patience – something many kids just don’t have. With alliances being made and broken, armies advancing and continents falling, this is certainly a board game for more experienced players.

5 Clue needs detectives

classic billboard and set up

This crime board game must be played with three or more players, each taking the position of a suspect. The goal is to find out who the culprit is, where it happened and what weapon was used by moving around the board in the form of rooms in a mansion.

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Players must take detailed notes throughout notice to help them solve the case. It’s hard for kid gamers to keep up with the demands of a board game detective.

4 The game of life is too precise

Cover image of the game of life

This board game tries to simulate the ups and downs of life by moving through mountains and valleys in a plastic vehicle. While the player advances The game of life, from college to retirement, they can fill up their little car with spouse and kids, raise money, and make decisions about education, career, housing, and investments. The spinner decides how many squares players can move on the board, leaving the pace and direction of players’ lives mostly to chance. Older players at the end of their lives will enjoy the game’s humor that can be lost in a younger player.

3 Articulate! Is rapid fire

articulate!  board game cards

Articulate! is about guessing quickly and quickly what a player is describing. Describers—maximum of two on each team—may represent or mime the word, but they may not mention the word or attempt to help guessers with rhyming words. This board game is fast-paced and requires a lot of fast-paced mental work that many kids just can’t keep up with. There’s even a kid’s version of the game with the same six categories as the original but made more accessible for younger players.

2 Chess requires grit

classic chess board and pieces

Chess is one of the oldest board games still popular today. An intense but silent battle between two players that requires a deep understanding of the chessboard and the rules of each piece. It’s a game that’s definitely easier as an adult.

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That’s not to say kids can’t or won’t play it, but with a virtually infinite number of openings and moves, games can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. To fully immerse yourself in the game, chess players must have a bold determination.

1 Uno is messy amusing

Un logo

In spite of U.N.With the official age rating being 7+, there’s something infinitely more entertaining about the card game when played as an adult. A shedding-style card game, the goal is to reach 500 points after all cards in a hand have been played. With the Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, and Wild Draw Four cards, it’s fun to be the cause of a friend or family member’s misfortune that just can’t be enjoyed in the same way as a child. Ultimately, the random and cruel nature of this board game is sure to have a laugh at any age.

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