Online games to play instead of paying attention to your personal lessons


For better or worse, after a two-week hiatus upon returning to campus, UC Berkeley is officially back to in-person classes! Barring an inevitable spike in COVID cases, you know what that means: classrooms full of computer screens lit up by the latest “Euphoria” episode, or students playing Fireboy and Watergirl instead of taking lecture notes. Although the mature decision might be to eliminate all distractions and stick to note-taking with pen and paper, I say if you can’t beat them, join them. Here’s Clog’s official list of some useless but fun things to do when you need a break from your homework or just want to procrastinate.


Wordle is a word puzzle game that has quickly become famous. The goal is cute and simple: guess a single five-letter word. However, there’s a catch: you only have six attempts to do it. Though originally developed in the UK, Wordle is now playable in any language and is steadily gaining acclaim around the world, even from The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal. Although Wordle is arguably an exquisite game, it has one flaw: there is only one Wordle per day, so once you finish your daily puzzle you have to wait 24 hours for your next game. But don’t get too excited! There are still a number of different Wordle variations and clone websites to play while you wait, such as Taylordle (guess Taylor Swift-related words for all the Swifties out there), Sweardle (for swear word guessing), and Letterle ( Guessing a singular). letter instead of word. is that stupid Yes. Is it still fun? Also yes.)

word searches

Ah, the good old-fashioned word search. This word search website gives you between 35 and 55 unique words to find and tracks how long it takes you to find all the words. You can take your time and solve it yourself or make it a competition and compete against your friend to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest. When someone asks you what you’re doing, you’re technically strengthening your English class vocabulary, right?

online chess

Enter Queen’s Gambit mode and become the next Beth Harmon with This site offers online computers, chess puzzles and tactics, the ability to battle random opponents around the world, and the option to play online with friends. Yes, you’re technically procrastinating, but you can feel productive and smart about it. Also, chess is technically a sport, so you can even say you’re athletic.


BoredButton, possibly the most useless website of all these, is literally a website with a single red button that you can press when you’re bored. The button toggles between a series of extremely random mini-games, from discovering what random famous people have achieved at your exact age (apparently in 51 days I’ll be the same age Kendall Jenner was when People magazine made her one of the 50 Most Declared Beautiful People In The World), to lists of the quirkiest gag gifts (everything from cat tissue holders to sock holders), to Flappy 2048.

2048 variations

2048 is a classic board game with the aim of combining numbers until you reach the final number 2048. While the old-fashioned 2048 game is fun, the new and improved versions are even better. The original 2048 game has been around since 2014, giving ample time for the creation of hundreds of funkier versions including 2048 Reverse, Multiplayer 2048, Flappy 2048, Cupcake 2048, Pokemon 2048, and Doge 2048 to name a few.

As wonderful as the clog’s procrastination master list is, of course, use it with your own caution. It’s important to make sure you have a healthy balance between a 3 o’clock howling session in the main stack and good ol’ doing absolutely nothing. Good luck with your spring semester and have fun procrastinating!

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