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By JOYANNA LOVE / Editor-in-Chief

The focus of Verbena High School teacher Mattie McCay’s latest DonorsChoose fundraiser is on helping students enjoy creative activities after their assigned work.

McCay, who teaches language arts in fifth and sixth grades, said she first heard about the crowdfunding platform, which is designed specifically for teachers, in her sophomore year. She has held a DonorsChoose fundraiser every year since then. McCay is now in her fifth year of teaching. She said the platform created a way for those interested in helping their classroom distribute needed items.

McCay hopes to raise $171 for creative games for her 98 students to play on Fridays after they finish their work.

“On Fridays, they usually do their spelling test and then their grammar test,” McCay said. “After the tests, they can get busy with work they might not have done all week, but most of the time I have students who have done everything they’re supposed to do, so they’re just kind of bored.”

McCay wanted to find an alternative to have on their Chromebooks during this time, since students are already using them a lot.

Their response was checkers, STEM kits, tinker toys, building blocks, and similar games.

“It requires a lot of imagination, and you’d be surprised how many kids don’t play board games anymore,” McCay said.

Items similar to what she wants to buy have been popular in the past but need updating.

Donations can be made at spenderschoose.org/project/games-please/5888498/.

Every project has a deadline, and McCay’s project has until February 6th to receive funding.

In the past, students have enjoyed sending thank-you letters to donors who donated to the projects. However, this is being discouraged by the platform due to COVID concerns this year.

Teachers funded through the site send in photos to document how the funds were spent.


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